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Happy Drivers Mean Happy Customers

A limousine service is more than just vehicles.  What makes our service so valued is the people we employ.  Luxor Limousines offers its patrons a unique combination of professional and personal service.

As a company, we demand a lot from our drivers, and you can expect professionalism in every aspect of their work.  We require they be professional in their dress, wearing black suits.  We require that they be English speaking so that they can understand the wishes of their passengers and communicate effectively. We expect them to be prompt and courteous without being intrusive.  We ask a lot of them but we also but we also take care of them. Why?  Because happy drivers equal happy customers.  A simple equation. The human element is the key to our success. We believe the manner of employees in relation to the public is a reflection of the manner of management toward its staff. We take care of our drivers so they genuinely want to take care of you.
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Ten Reasons to Hire a Limo for New Years Eve

  • With a limo, your driver is not part of your group, and so nobody is left out. No designated driver among your friends means all of you can celebrate.  It may seem like no big deal before the big night, but one person sticking to soft drinks while the rest of the group parties means that person will be out in the cold by the time midnight rolls around.

  • The limo picks you up and drops you off right at the door, so no staggering around and possibly getting into trouble. Even if you don’t drink much, your friends may not be so careful, and one or two roaring drunk friends can make it hard to walk the few blocks to your parked car.

  • A chauffeur is not distracted by the fun of the night and is a professional at driving safely in the city and avoiding mishaps with bad drivers and distracted pedestrians. You and your friends may be fine, but the other cars on the road are out of your control.  After a night of play, you may not be alert enough to avoid the dangers of a drunk driver on the road with you.

  • Door-to-door service means the ladies will not have to ruin their feet and fun hiking from car to restaurant to club.  Guys may not mind a hike from parking to party, but if a gal is dressed to dazzle, that will include some seriously high heels.  Walking even a city block in those can make feet hurt and smiles vanish. Plus, legs in heels look so sexy stepping out of a limo.

  • A limo means you don’t have to worry about something happening to your car.  Your car in the city on New Years Eve is at risk for all sorts of damage.  Valet parking has to pack the cars in bumper to bumper and side to side like sardines to make it pay, and that means tiny scratches and dents that you do not want to see come the morning.

  • The whole problem of parking in the City is gone when you hire a limo.Finding parking can be a drag on the fun.  Driving around looking for a place when you could be eating, drinking, or dancing does steals the time away from the whole reason for going out: celebration.

  • If you’ve got a limo, you can club hop till you find the perfect place to ring in the new year.  Say you’re at a club and it sucks.  You’d like to go somewhere else, but it took you so long to find parking, or you paid for a whole night already at a lot, that you’re kind of stuck.  You could call a cab if you can find one.  You could grin and bear it. Your friends are not likely to want to go out in the cold and start over.

  • With a limo, the party can start from the moment you get picked up and it can continue uninterrupted from place to place with music, drinks, and snacks.  If you go to more than one place in your night out, you will have to bundle up and put the party on hold while you make your way across town.

  • With a limo, you walk out of a club into the limo and step out at the door of the next.  The weather may be fine or it may be wet and dreary.  Even if a restaurant or club has a valet service, you still have to wait in the weather while your car is brought to you.  You could be drenched by the time you reach your next club, or chilled to the bone.  The driver always has an umbrella, so you don’t need to worry about the weather, only the fun.

  • A limo has style, and while you may not have a date for New Year’s Eve, a limo might just help you get one before the night is out.  Can you say, “Ladies, may we offer you a ride home in our limo?”
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    The Invisible Chauffeur

    Most people don’t really notice their driver when they hire a car.  And not being noticed takes a professional.  That may sound backward, but think about it.  Your chauffeur shows up wearing a t-shirt.  You’d notice that.  Or you tell him where you want to go and he doesn’t understand you correctly because English isn't a language he speaks very well.  If at all. You’d notice that.  Or your driver shows up late.  Or gets lost.  Or swerves and brakes so violently you cannot relax.  You notice everything that goes wrong, everything that stands out.  But to show up dressed in a black suit, to be pleasant without being familiar, to be able to communicate easily, drive smoothly, to show up when and where you wish, these things all require skill.  When you hire a car from Luxor Limo, you get more than a car.  You get a professional chauffeur who makes your passage to and from your destination seem effortless.
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    That Too-Good-to-Be-True Price Is Not Too-Good-to-Be-Towed

    Imagine you got a GREAT deal on a limo for your big night out. Fabulously low. You can’t believe how much other people will pay, when they can get a limo this cheap for a whole night.  Traffic is terrible and you are glad you can kick back, and party from the moment you and your friends climb in the limo.  You can see the driver’s talking hands free with somebody, but the divider is up, and you don’t mind.  The evening goes great, and then heading home, somebody switches lanes on the expressway and uh-oh, there’s a fender bender.  Bummer, but it’s not your car and you and your friends continue the party.  Until the cops notice that the limo is unlicensed.  The cops impound the limo right then and there. Happens all the time. Suddenly you are out on the street in your evening clothes. The neighborhood is not good, your smartphone says the nearest subway stop is a hike, and you are a little too buzzed to control your temper.  You know you shouldn’t argue with the cops, but you do. Suddenly your party is over, your girlfriend is watching you be driven away in a cop car and you are worried about her getting home okay. Your evening is ruined.  Possibly so is your relationship.  It’s a great scenario for a movie, but not a scene you actually want to live through.

    Comparison shopping is a basic part of the free enterprise system.  It lets people get the best product or service for a fair price.  But don’t confuse a fair price with a too-good-to-be-true price.  Too-good-to-be-true isn’t.

    In limo services, for example, the City of New York requires companies to be licensed, which guarantees that the vehicles are insured and in good working order, that drivers actually have drivers licenses, and that all employees are paid in accordance with the law.  Unlicensed services may be cheaper because they don’t have to worry about those fees, about fair employee pay, and most importantly, about having professional drivers or safe vehicles.

    If the NYC police stop an unlicensed stretch limo, the vehicle is immediately towed and you are walking the rest of the way.  You might be someplace in the city where there are no cabs and the subway is a hike. If you’ve been partying hard, finding yourself stranded could pose some serious safety issues as well.  And good luck getting a refund, since most of these “companies” don’t really exist.

    More importantly, your driver should not be just anybody.  NYPD has started publishing accident statistics, and it turns out that in every borough of the city, the police reports show that the majority of motor vehicle accidents are caused by the driver’s distraction or inattention, followed closely by a host of operator errors that no licensed professional would do.

    Use a reputable company. You will get a shiny limo, a courteous, professional driver who speaks English, and a carefree evening in luxury and style from start to finish.
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