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5 World-Class Tourist Attractions in Manhattan

According to Travel and Leisure magazine, a full 5 of the top 50 tourist attractions in the world are in New York City.  These world-ranked locations draw people to experience for themselves iconic places that have an almost mythical power over the imagination. And if you want to “see the sights” in just a day, consider hiring a car and driver to ferry you around the city, minimizing the fatigue and maximizing the pleasure of a day in the Big Apple.

Times Square ranks as the number one tourist attraction in the world with over 39 million visitors a year among the 300,000 people passing through every day. At the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the “Crossroads of the World” has been a vibrant symbol of the American Melting Pot.  It got its name “Times Square” when the New York Times newspaper moved there in 1904. The annual New Year’s Eve ball drop began in 1907 from the Times Building and has become one of the most famous new year events in the world, with a million spectators crowding the square and over a billion people watching worldwide.

Central Park sits at the center of Manhattan and with over 38 million visitors a year, is the second most popular tourist attraction in the world. The park borders Fifth Avenue between 59th and 110th Streets, a stretch that includes the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums. The park has trails for walking and riding, grassy meadows and lakes, two ice-skating rinks (one of which becomes a swimming pool in summer), and a host of attractions such as the Central Park Zoo, Shakespeare in the Park festivals at the Delacorte Theater, a marionette theater and a historic carousel.

Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan is the largest train station in the world.  It serves both commuters and long-distance travelers, contains restaurants and shops on multiple levels. It is the number six most-visited tourist attraction with over 21 million visitors a year.  People come to see the architecture of the Grand Concourse with its recently restored astronomical ceiling, and the Min Concourse with its restaurants, exhibitions, and annual Christmas Market.

The South Street Seaport, where Fulton Street meets the East River, is an official historic district next to the NY Financial District and draws over 9 million visitors a year.  It has some of the oldest architecture in  downtown Manhattan, is the home of the famous Fulton Fish Market, and with the renovated commercial buildings and sailing ships, feels a bit like a step into the past.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located on the grounds of NYC’s Central Park, has over 2 million works in its permanent collection and admits over 5 million visitors annually. Admission to the Met is pay-what-you-wish with a $25 admission “recommended.” (The Museum is currently facing a lawsuit about duping visitors into thinking the fee is required.)  The museum not only houses works of art, but musical instruments, costumes, and antique weapons from around the world.
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Rihanna Diamonds Tour Comes to Brooklyn

Pop superstar Rihanna is doing two shows at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on May 4 & 5 at 8pm.  Rihanna has been breaking records with one hit after another.  When Stay hit number one she became the first singer ever to have 10 pop songs top the Billboard charts. The twenty-five year old singer just got back from Hawaii where she posted party pictures including a shot with Chris Brown popping a bottle of champagne to start the party.

Not a bad idea for your Rihanna night out, with your own limo ride to the concert and home.  While the driver keeps his eye on the road, you can start on the champagne and dance your way to the show. If you opt for the Barclays VIP package, you get the added bonus of premium seats, an onsite VIP host, and a party on site before the show.  And after the concert ends, you can keep your own party going all the way home again.
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How to Celebrate Mother's Day in NYC

Mother’s Day is coming up soon on May 12.  Mother’s Day is one of the holidays celebrated worldwide that originated in the US.  It was created by a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1908. She started it as a way of remembering her mother who had passed away.  But she campaigned to make the second Sunday in May a national holiday and it was recognized as such just 6 years later.  In the tradition, people give gifts or offer remembrance for their mothers and grandmothers.

For adult children in New York City who want to give their mother a special treat, Mother’s Day offers them a chance to make her feel like a queen.  Even a woman who is uncomfortable receiving things and attention from her children can accept and enjoy the ‘royal treatment’ on her special day.  Time to hire a limo to pick her up at home and take her to brunch at her favorite restaurant or at one of the many others offering Mother’s Day specials.  Let the chauffeur hand her out at the entry where she can join her family for a memorable meal.

After eating, let the car and driver take the stress while she spends the day on the town with her loved ones doing whatever she enjoys most. If she art is her thing, a day of museum hopping with a driver on call means seeing much more art with so much less fatigue. If shopping is her choice, having a limo to ferry her from door to door takes all the tired out of a day in shops and stores.  Gardens may be her passion and New York offers plenty of places to enjoy nature, whether strolling in Central Park or the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Make sure to leave time for a sweet dessert at one of New York’s many amazing pastry shops like Payard Patisserie or Cafe Lalo, or perhaps a chocolate confection from Max Brenner.

If you didn’t start the day with brunch (or even if you did) perhaps you head out for a show and late dinner on the town.  Even if you try to cram it all in to one day, having time to rest, to talk, to reflect, and refresh between stops in the back seat of a limo or hired car means she’ll have the energy enough to do it all and enjoy herself for a magnificent and unforgettable Mother’s Day.
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Summer Brings Bieber Fever to Greater NY

If you have Bieber fever and live in Greater New York, this summer offers three chances to catch him live in his worldwide BELIEVE concert tour.  Grab your gals and go in style with a hired limo that will whisk you there like the star himself. Tickets are now on sale for 2 shows at the Prudential Center in Newark on July 30 & 31, and 1 show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 2.

The start of a memorable night happens right at your doorstep with a limo pickup.  Let it lift you and your friends out of the pack and into a nonstop party.  And when you arrive, don’t just take a seat, take the whole VIP experience with one of the.  The tour offers a VIP packages that include a Meet & Greet with the superstar himself.  Pick your night - or all three - and then reserve your stretch limo or party van to BELIEVE in the concert night of your dreams.
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Barclays Hosts Golden Gloves

Tax time got you feeling you’d like to go a few rounds?  Well, put aside your calculator and hop in a limo with your friends for a night of VIP boxing fun at Barclays Center for the Daily News Golden Gloves.

Now in its 86th year, the Golden Gloves is one of the most prestigious amateur boxing events around.  Taking place April 18 & 19, you and your friends can get a ringside seat for some of the most thrilling fights you could catch anywhere. So many greats have come out of the Golden Gloves. This is your chance to catch the future generation of boxing on the rise as they brawl their way to the top.
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Avoid the Wet Blanket Effect for Your Day in NYC with a Hired Car and Driver

New York city gets well over 4 inches of rain almost every month of the year. In fact, NYC is clear only about 132 days out of 365. The chances of a nice day hover around one in three, so when planning a day out and about in the city, whether shopping or doing business, you would be more right if you imagined the day wet than if you planned on it being dry.  And rain can weigh you down like, well, a wet blanket, if you let it.

Picture two different days for yourself. In one, you’re sweating in a wet slicker on a hot summer afternoon or shivering in damp overcoat trying to hail a cab in a winter downpour.  Rain follows you inside wherever you go with soggy socks and dripping hair. Getting around becomes a chore, and the last thing you want to do is go back outside in it. You go out anyway and search desperately for an available taxi, spy one and dash for it only to get splashed by a passing car. Meanwhile someone else grabs the cab before you get there.  Your umbrella turns inside-out in the wind. You are not happy.

Now change the picture a bit.  Imagine that there is a car waiting just outside the door for you everywhere you go, a car with a driver who owns an umbrella and can whisk you from entryway to passenger seat in a few steps.  You’re dry and comfortable as the chauffeur takes you to your next destination.  You have time to relax and regain your energy, your enthusiasm, your enjoyment before the next foray.

Which day would you choose?

Shopping.  Sightseeing.  Business.  All of it transforms with a car and driver at your disposal.  Chances are, if you are spending the day in New York going from place to place, you’re planning a big day.  You may have flown in for a vacation or are looking to close a deal.  You can’t control the weather, but you can be in control of the quality of your day.  With a hired car, you arrive fresh at every destination.  You’re dry and relaxed.  You exude the confidence that comes with the absence of minor irritations and distractions.  Try hiring a car and driver for your next day on the town and you will never look back.
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