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Girls’ Night Out in NYC

Grab your gals, slink into your sexiest clothes, and pile into your stretch limo for a fun and fantastic night on the town.  Laugh as only female friends can laugh.  With your friends, you can own the night.  Check out these hot spots with your BFFs or just cruise the night in your own moveable party.  Here are a few places to check out for dinner, dancing and late-night refueling.

Beauty & Essex
Lower East Side
With free champagne in the Ladies Room downstairs, how can you go wrong?  The pawn shop exterior opens into a real scene. Plus the food is getting rave reviews across the board. Whatever you do, save room for the to-die-for desserts.

Midtown East
Lips promotes itself as the ultimate drag dining experience, and if you can stand being around guys more fabulous-looking than you are, then by all means go and let it all hang.  The servers are in drag and there’s a show to entertain you with lots of energy and fun. You go girl!

Katwalk is the perfect GNO choice every night of the week, but on Wednesdays, you can enjoy free appetizers for parties of 8 ladies or more on Sex & the City Night. Wash those down with the $6 Carrie Cosmos, Miranda Martinis, or $3 Mr. Big Shots.

Environmentally friendly total excess, Greenhouse is the place to party guilt-free. Pony up to the recycled glass bar for an organic grain vodka and dance to wind-powered rhythms on bamboo floors (no trees died). Never did so much sin feel so much like virtue.

Pommes Frites
East Village
If you want a pit stop for some late night eats, go to Pommes Frites for some amazing fries - fresh, fat, crispy and with sauces to douse them in.  Go ahead and try the poutine, which is French for gravy. Once you go gravy, you never go back.
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Your Graduation Party on Wheels: Rent a Limo or Party Van for the Best Last High School Bash

Prom season is winding down and suddenly graduation is right around the corner. After 12 years, you are looking at a new horizon for yourself. Your friends are too. Prom may have taken all your time and thoughts about partying but think about graduation. There’s still one more chance to gather with all your friends before you head off in different directions.

Graduation is a true turning point in your life. Friends may be forever, but this is the last time you will feel the bonds that comes from you all seeing each other every day at school. Your parents and families will be there for the event, but what about after? Consider renting a party bus for a night of celebration with all your friends. A party bus is like a private nightclub on wheels.

A Stretch Hummer holds 18 people and costs $175 an hour - that’s less than $10/hr. a person for a night on the town with your posse. The seats face each other with the windows behind you, so it really does feel like a private lounge. Tinted windows, leather seats, hardwood floors and a fiber-optic ceiling make it party central on wheels. The sound system is top of the line, with multiple subwoofers and amps to surround you with your favorite beats. There are 3, yes 3 separate bars, so you are never far from a cool drink for your hot time on the town.

Or, if you want to have a real blow-out with everybody in your class, you can rent a 40-passenger party bus with the same party flow with the music, the light show, and the fun. You can cruise the city, stop at all your favorite spots around town for a last dance before the rest of your life takes over.
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Now’s the Time to Reserve Your Limo for Prom

Now is the time to rent your limo for prom.  Don’t wait.  Why?  Prom season is one of the busiest times in times for limo companies.  It’s a lifetime memory event for everybody at the same time.  All those other people want every single thing to be the absolute best just like you do.  Unfortunately the only ones who get everything the way they want it are the ones who plan early. As the day gets closer, companies with late model limos in top condition will be completely booked.

What can happen if you wait?  Well, spring is already a high-demand time that exceeds the supply of quality vehicles.  The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay. You can for sure expect to pay a hefty premium if you are making a desperate last-minute search, and that’s if you can even find a limo at all.  And last minute doesn’t mean the week of prom.  By the end of May, you’re going to be sweating if you still don’t have your ride reserved.

The secret to a great prom limo rental means doing three things as you comparison shop.

ONE:  Only go with a legitimate company that has all the licenses and insurance.  An accident in a gypsy car can mean you are injured with no insurance to cover you.  Or your vehicle could be stopped and impounded by the cops.  Or you could plunk down a deposit only to have a no-show since there’s no contract and no official regulatory office to guarantee it.

TWO:  Make sure the company has a fleet of cars that you can inspect. This lets you see and choose your actual ride. A company that rents its vehicles as needed from a supplier will not be able to 100% guarantee a certain ride on your prom night.  The company they rent from will be booked like crazy, and one late return can spell disaster up and down the chain.  A company like Luxor with its own full fleet has enough vehicles to do a bit of juggling and keep everyone happy.

THREE:  Negotiate from reality.  Limos don’t rent for just one hour. You have to pay while the limo waits for you at the event. If you want a very high-demand vehicle, then you might have to make a longer booking.  Decide what you want ahead of time: the lowest price or the hottest vehicle. If you try to get both, you won’t get either.
Luxor Limousines, one of the premier limo and car service companies in Greater New York, owns and maintains its own fleet of cars, limousines, and stretch limousines.  Our drivers are professionals who understand the importance of promptness, courtesy, and quality service. Call us 24/7 or use our online reservation tool to request a bid and reserve your prom limo today.
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