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Unique Packages for Special Events and Occasions

Planning a perfect gathering or an intimate ceremony is filled with a lot of small details that could make that night special for you.
Our company shares the same jubilation enthusiasm and we found a way to include ourselves even more so that we can create an all-around experience.
By creating these seasonal packages, we want to exceed the limits of a typical luxury limo service and instead become recognizable for our variety of additional services.
It is up to you to choose between a different assortment of features - whether is prom night, or anniversary of some sort.

Each of these packages can be distinguished in two separate editions - gold & platinum.

Wedding Package

Most of the people dream and plan their marriage ceremony for quite a long time.
Because we all know - it’s not easy getting ready for the ‘ride of your life’ - and that is exactly what we want to provide you with.
Decide what would make your dreams come true, and leave the rest for us to handle.
To make sure that you are welcomed in a grand style we want to supply you with a special bundle of necessities for this occasion :


GOLD PACKAGE:                                                         PLATINUM PACKAGE :
Bottle of champagne                                                   • Bottle of champagne
• Personalized ''Just Married'' Sign                          • Personalized ''Just Married'' Sign
• White Aisle Runner                                                      • White Aisle Runner
                                                                                           + Red Carpet


Anniversary Package


Displaying affection to your significant other should always be fun and outgoing.
Exploring the city lights, finding a perfect romantic view,  or even visiting the spot where you had your first kiss together sounds like an ideal way to spend the night.
We want to make that moment complete by providing you with a personal and intimate drive in one of our various vehicles especially suited for this occasion.
Our ultimate romantic package is designed to make an impression on anyone :

GOLD PACKAGE:                                                PLATINUM PACKAGE :
Dozen red roses                                                      • Dozen red roses
• Bottle of champagne                                               • Bottle of champagne
                                                                                         + Chocolate
                                                                                          Four Red Ballons

Birthday Package


It is time for candles and doing a gala birthday blow-out?
You want to gather all of your closest friends and celebrate in style? That sounds like a perfect excuse for a party on the wheels.
And most importantly - a  fleet of vehicles designed for entertainment.
Instead of worrying about the details - you can relax and plan all the particulars that would make your night amazing instead.
Our party assemblage of features includes :

GOLD PACKAGE:                                           PLATINUM PACKAGE:
• Eight Balloons                                                 • Dozen balloons
• Bottle of Vodka / or Gin                                  • Selected snacks

• Champagne / or 24pack of beer                      • 2 drinks from Gold Package

Party Package


If you would like to indulge all of its virtues while hosting a great night with your friends or family booking one of our spacious entertaining vehicles is something that would definitely go with it.
Besides the opportunity to provide you with a suitable ride for your needs, we have designed a package of add-ons that would make your night-out completed and worry-free, and it includes :

GOLD PACKAGE:                                           PLATINUM PACKAGE :
• Dozen energy drinks                                       • 20 x Energy Drinks
• 2 x bottle of Vodka / or Gin                             • 3 bottles of Vodka / or Gin
• 2 x juice                                                             • 3 x juices
• 12 pack of beer                                                 •  24 pack of beer
• Bottle of champagne                                        • Bottle of champagne
                                                                               • 12 selected snacks


Be one of our first customers to enjoy these special deals for an exclusive price simply by booking your limo experience with us soon. These offers regard vehicles that are adapted for special occasions or a bigger group of people.  A specific event such as children birthday gatherings or gaining additional items on our regular bookings can also be improved by various advantages.

For more information and suggestions on how to use most of this, feel free to contact us at 866-998-4111 or at
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