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Limousine + Cupid = Romantic Things Around The City

It's the season of love! A very chilly season indeed, but is there a more romantic date then the celebration of Valentine's Day every year around?
From young couples, newlyweds, senior people everyone strives to make this day a special one for them and their partner. Well, if you are slowly running out of the ideas - why don't we share some interesting city activities that might just ''spear your heart'' for this special occasion. Of course, like strawberries to chocolate, this works in the perfect way only with the ''help'' of our lavishly decorated limousine.

Make a surprise appearance

Everybody is a fan of something unexpected.
If you think you can handle a nice little diversion, just to surprise your partner, then this is definitely a good idea for you. Book our limo, prepare everything you need for the grand surprise and make an appearance at your loved ones. As soon as they get out of their home, and see you smiling with a luxurious vehicle behind you - they will definitely have shaky hands and eyes filled with joy. You can be ready with a set of roses (provided by us), or a poster of your favorite moments - every little detail counts.
Make sure to have your phone close to you, as you don't want to miss filming their reaction!

Have a meal in a fancy restaurant

Did you know that there are over 10,000 restaurants in the New York area? It would probably take you over two lifetimes to enjoy a meal in every one of them, but we are sure that your partner mentioned a newly opened place or a spot where they wanted to go for a long time. You can take that information, and make them happy by reserving a table for two - on this special day. From Michelin-starred places to five-star reviewed spots on Tripadvisor they have their favorite that is for sure.
Enjoy sparkling wine and sweets, all as a part of our VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL,  and while being serviced by our chauffeur - arrive at the restaurant in style.

Attend a wine tour

Probably the most hedonist idea on the list - having a tasting session for two in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere of one of the city's wine cellars. From Soho, West Village to Upper East Side you can visit a winery and provide yourself with memories of a lifetime. A tour with experts, friendly interaction with other couples and visitors this all sounds like a bit more '' down-to-earth'' kind of night, for people who enjoy more of a slow-paced night and provoking their taste buds. And after a glass or two, when the appetite intensifies, try some dry-aged cheese or caviar.

Celebrating love and bond with someone is a very intimate thing - that is why here in Luxor Limo we want to invest as much energy and time to make that thing special for you and your loved one. Our staff is highly professional and yet very attentive, our limousines are a space for enjoyment and fun.


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And create an adventure from your imagination.

Photo by Matt Nelson/Gus Ruballo/Bady on Unsplash
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