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Best Places to Eat at Newark Airport

Where to eat if you find yourself with some time to spare at Newark Liberty International Airport.
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What Do Limos Have to Offer?

Why take a limo in a city with endless transportation options? Find out what makes us different at Luxor.
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Best Independent Airport Lounges

A guide to the world's best independent airport lounges, for when you're desperate to escape the airport crowds. No memberships required!
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Best Places to Eat at LaGuardia

As we’ve noted before on this blog, LaGuardia Airport is a much-maligned place. The most frustrating airport in the United States and Canada. Ranked last for amenities among 20 top U.S. airports. A survey by J.D. Power & Associates found it to be the worst-rated airport of any size. It’s supposed to get better when the Central Terminal is redeveloped, but the city has delayed naming a developer for the project.

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5 Stunning Locations for Corporate Retreats

A common perk of business life in better times, the corporate retreat faced near-extinction during the Great Recession as corporate budgets were slashed. Business balked not only at the cost of retreats, but at the perception of spending wastefully in hard times—especially after the backlash against AIG, when the big insurer spent over $400,000 on a retreat within a week of taking a taxpayer bailout
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How To Avoid Information Overload at Work

We continue to use the word ‘multitasking’ to describe how we work, and increasingly how we relax. But the evidence is clear: there is no such thing as multitasking, and what passes for multitasking is not good for you.
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7 Qualifying Questions for Your Corporate Car Provider

When choosing a corporate car service provider, it’s essential to ask the important questions to ensure your company’s unique needs are met. Your corporate car and limo provider should be flexible and professional, and able to answer these seven questions.
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Five Hot Spots for Entertaining Clients

When taking an important client out for a night on the town, the destination is as important as the transportation.
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