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Best Apps for Airplane Travel

We look at the best apps out there for making your flight smoother, easier, and more painless.
Category:NYC Fun Facts

11 Fun Facts About Broadway, Then and Now

Learn about what Broadway theatre is, its biggest hits, and most controversial moments.
Category:NYC Fun Facts

Best Places to Eat at Newark Airport

Where to eat if you find yourself with some time to spare at Newark Liberty International Airport.
Category:Luxor At Work, NYC Limo, Luxor for Business

Weekday Promotion: Happy Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday)

Celebrate the start of the week with a 15% discount for certain rides Monday-Wednesday.
Category:NYC Limo

Evolution of the Limousine

How the limousine has changed over time, from the streets of Paris to Hollywood Boulevard.
Category:NYC Fun Facts, NYC Limo Information, NYC Limo

What Do Limos Have to Offer?

Why take a limo in a city with endless transportation options? Find out what makes us different at Luxor.
Category:Luxor At Work, NYC Limo Information, NYC Limo

Infographic: New York City Traffic by the Numbers

We dive in to the data on traffic in New York City (and deal with a few myths).
Category:NYC Fun Facts, NYC Limo

Special Discount Offer for Fourth of July Weekend!

7.4% off your limo reservation for the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Fourth, everyone!
Category:NYC Fun Facts

Infographic: History of the Limousine

Our infographic how the limousine has changed over time, from its humble origins as a delivery vehicle to the ride of choice for stars and Presidents.
Category:NYC Fun Facts

Alternative Brunch Spots in NYC

Where do you go when you're tired of your usual brunch spot?
Category:New York City Hot Spots