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7 Places In New York City You Can’t Get to By Subway

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Subway ridership in New York City topped 1.7 billion in 2013, and it’s many New Yorkers’ main way of getting around. New York has one of the world’s great public transport systems—but that means that for many riders, any place far from the subway may as well not exist. It also means, however, that New York is full of hidden gems that require a little determination to reach. Here are just a few.

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Top 10 Limo Movie Scenes

Limousines in NYC

It’s not surprising that limousines are irresistible to Hollywood filmmakers. Limos are a powerful visual device for communicating wealth and influence, and a space for intense conversations. They’re a fixture at weddings, which give opportunities for comedy and drama. Stretch limos are associated with special occasions and events that are out of the ordinary. And it’s hard to think of a car chase that wasn’t improved by having a limo.

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Historic New York Dive Bars (and who drank there)

You can divide dive-bar goers into two kinds: those who go to dive bars despite the fact they’re dive bars, and those who go because they’re dive bars. For some, the dim light and pint-glass marks on the bar are the price you pay for cheap drinks. For others, the ambiance has its own unmissable charm.
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5 Stunning Locations for Corporate Retreats

A common perk of business life in better times, the corporate retreat faced near-extinction during the Great Recession as corporate budgets were slashed. Business balked not only at the cost of retreats, but at the perception of spending wastefully in hard times—especially after the backlash against AIG, when the big insurer spent over $400,000 on a retreat within a week of taking a taxpayer bailout
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MTA Announces Fare Hikes

Riding the subway just got more expensive. The MTA yesterday raised the base fare for one subway ride to $2.75, up from $2.50, while raising the cash bonus to 11% for every $5.50 spent—currently, riders get a 5% bonus for every $5 spent. The cost of weekly MetroCards will rise to $31 (from $30), and monthly MetroCards will now cost $116.50 (up from $112).
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How To Avoid Information Overload at Work

We continue to use the word ‘multitasking’ to describe how we work, and increasingly how we relax. But the evidence is clear: there is no such thing as multitasking, and what passes for multitasking is not good for you.
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NYC Islands that Aren't Called Manhattan, Long, or Staten

It’s easy to forget when you’re surrounded by traffic, but New York is a city of islands. Some of those are among the most recognizable islands in the world, so it’s unsurprising that New York’s smaller gems can get overshadowed. But if you feel jaded by the city, here are five New York City islands that are worth your attention, and maybe a little of your time.
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10 Best Websites for Business Travelers

The adage that time is money is especially true for business travelers. Being in transit interrupts day-to-day tasks, disrupts rhythms, and is expensive—and still demands the business traveler be at peak performance to negotiate a deal or make a sale. Planning is key to effective business travel, and planning is helped by having resources and useful information close at hand. These ten websites can help business travel run more smoothly.
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Manhattan's "Secret" Speakeasies

With the temperature in New York falling into the teens, it’s tempting to retreat to a bar and settle in. And when your regular haunts start to feel a bit stale, it might be time to consider a place with a little more glamour.
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New Year's Eve in NYC

We’re now just a few days away from the end of 2014, with many of us looking forward to the year ahead, but also planning to have one last hurrah before this year is written in the history books. So whether you’re heading out to a party with friends or family, watching the ball drop in Times Square, or hopping from pub to pub this New Year’s Eve, here are some statistics on what to expect.
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