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2016 Most Popular Halloween Costume Ideas

During the spookiest time of the year, New York City is sure to host the most inventive street fairs and the scariest parties all while turning up in festive costumes for the holiday. Get to the party on time and be sure to wow everyone with one of these popular Halloween costumes that’ll definitely be a crowd favorite.


Ever since the Pokémon Go craze, these characters and costumes have become quite popular. They’re also really easy to pull off if you want to DIY. For Pikachu, dress completely in bright yellow and paint your cheeks bright red. For Charizard, you can wear all orange or an orange top, black jeans, and black boots. There’s also a costume that comes with a tail and mask that you can either wear on your face or as a hat for both the Charizard and Pikachu options. If you’d rather go as a pokeball, wear a red top, white pants, black belt, and red socks. Cut out black construction paper in a circle and cut out a smaller circle in white construction paper. Paste the white circle onto the black circle and place it onto your black belt. There are also pokeball costumes available for purchase at your local costume store.

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and The Joker

The DC Comic turned feature film is getting a lot of attention this year and many people are dressing up as these characters as a result. For Harley Quinn, wear a half blue, half red jacket and matching shorts along with a graphic tee, fishnet stockings, and high top sneakers. Throw your hair into pigtails and dip one in red hair dye and the other in blue hair dye. For The Joker, wear a button up shirt, dark graphic tie, green vest, long purple overcoat, bright blue pinstriped pants, black gloves, and shiny black dress shoes. There are masks available in stores, but you can also paint your face white with black circles around the eyes and paint a bright red smile across your cheeks. Lastly, dye your hair green to make the character complete.

Batman and Superman

Batman and Superman

Batman v. Superman is another DC franchise film that came out this year and has created a large surge in the costumes' popularity. There are plenty of stores carrying each costume. If you’d like to create your own Batman, wear a black t-shirt, black pants, black boots, and a gold belt. You can take a piece of silk cloth and cut holes in the eyes or simply buy the mask as a separate. For extra flair, sew the bat symbol onto your chest and tie a black cloth around your shoulders as a cape, or simply buy a cape at your local costume store. For Superman, wear a royal blue shirt, royal blue pants, red boots, and tie a red cloth around your shoulders as a red cape. Append the big “S” logo to your chest, wear a gold belt, and slick your hair back for the finishing touch.


Another costume that’s become popular due to the release of the eponymous feature film, the Ghostbusters costume is perhaps the easiest to recreate. It’s as simple as wearing a tan jumpsuit, gray belt, black boots, black gloves, a backpack, and packing a vacuum in the backpack, ensuring that it’s sticking out of your bag. You could also get a Ghostbusters patch to stitch onto the sleeve to make your costume more apparent. There are also ghostbusters costumes sold in stores for both women and men.

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Many people are creating DIY costumes to resemble the U.S.’s current presidential candidates. There are several makeup tutorials to perfect the styling of Donald’s complexion and hair, as well as photos and links to certain clothing items that resemble Hillary's. For Donald’s costume, wear a white collared shirt, red tie, and navy blue suit. For Hillary’s costume, you can dress up in a white dress with a navy blazer and long crystal necklace or wear a simple red dress with black heels.

All dressed up and ready to go? Need a ride to your Halloween party? We’ll make sure you arrive on time and stay in character.

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