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Haunted Locations And The Ghosts Behind Them


When someone talks about the SoHo district, a creepy unsolved murder and the crime scene is surely the last thing that comes to your mind, right?

After all, a high profile fashion store is no place for a story that goes way back 200 years ago.

The story is connected to a 21-year-old girl called Gil Elma Elinor Sands, a regular resident of the board area in Greenwich Street. Miss. Sands had a secret romance with a man called Levi Weeks and was planning to elope. Unfortunately, that was the last time someone saw her alive. Not more than a week later her body was found in Les Bernards meadow - that is today the well in Spring Street's store.

Immediately, the media called this case '' The Manhattan Well Murder'' since the girl had marks of violence on her body.

The spooky part is that many years later even when the owners changed, well was left intact and since then displayed for the first time since the tragedy in - 1980.

We can only imagine the paranormal surprises that can sometimes occur from it - things that would make even the bravest personas shake in the fear of disbelief.


One more historic landmark that is mentioned through many legendary stories. This theatre built at the beginning of the 20th century was a safe place for a performer called Olive Thomas. A showgirl involved in a complicated relationship that mysteriously died one night from what seemed to be a poisoning. Many different versions of this story exist - but one thing is for sure. From that day on, a lot of unusual and unnatural things are happening to the theatre staff and employees. Marked as a ghost that is seeking attention and is mischevious Olive Thomas's ghost haunts the building and mostly scares the construction workers anytime they try to renovate a part of it.

There is even a non-stop extra light that hits the center of the performing stage just to record her movement and to keep track of the many times she 'visits' the New Amsterdam studio.

The story gets even more intense, when looking at the old photo of the victim, don't you agree?


The Greenwich Village - maybe the sound of this NYC spot doesn't seem too scary without the unbelievable stories that it hides. An area host to one of the creepiest parks around - Washington Square Park. A place where over 20 thousand people have been buried mostly from the period where cholera and yellow fever were epidemics during the 19th century. So, can you imagine how many spirits are wandering around trying to interfere with people that visit this place?

This is the reason the park is so popular for many of the Halloween Walking Tours. One of the first things you can spot in this park is Hangman's Elm - an old tree that used to be the destiny of many people and gravely secrets they carry around.

During the night hours, this can be a place almost identical to the one you see in a horror movie while grabbing the side of the couch excpecting something quite intense to happen.

These are just some of the stories you can encounter while visiting the haunted places - where even the bravest people can turn out to be the fans of a true horror paranormal activity. So to make your experience whole, be one of the first customers to engage in the Luxor Halloween Limo Tours with certified Guides and activities that are way too fun to miss.

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