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Impress Your Guests: Five Queens Hot Spots

You just got off the phone with your parents and they’re making a surprise visit to see you in New York City this week. Well, we’ve got you covered with a list of five places you’ll definitely want to take them, coupled with a ride that will have them sharing the story with their friends back home.

A Miniature Panorama in Our Lincoln MKT Stretch

A great start to seeing all of New York City is to get a birds-eye view at the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing Meadows Park. Apart from all of the events and exhibits that are always inviting local and international artists to showcase their work, the museum includes a handmade panorama that was originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair that shows the entire city and its five boroughs. You’ll really get a sense of the scope and depth that is New York City.

See the Real Thing in our Chrysler 300 Stretch

If your family is less excited about a scale model and want to see a great view of New York firsthand, then you’ll want to tell your driver to take you Water’s Edge Restaurant on the East River. The views will impress as you look out over the river at the Manhattan skyline. Seafood is always on the menu and fresh from the local market, so you’ll certainly surprise your family with the entire dining experience.

Peruse Chinatown in our Platinum Lincoln Sedan

New York City’s second-largest Chinatown is right at the center of Queens’ urban center in Downtown Flushing. This is a spot teeming with life and energy, offering a variety of eating establishments and stores that could easily consume an entire day. You can have your parents experiment with some of the Chinese/American food fusion that can’t be found elsewhere, or pick up some fried noodles from the street vendors on your way to a cultural street performance. The list of things to do while you’re there will grow the more time you’re able to spend.

See the Mets at Citi Field in our Hummer Super Stretch

If you’re searching for an event that has as much history as it does excitement, then making a trip to see the New York Mets play at Citi Field will fulfill both of those requirements. Even though Shea Stadium no longer exists, its memory is honored at the new venue where you can cheer on one of baseball’s most historic teams as they compete against rivals in their division.

See a Formal Performance in our Mercedes S-550

You don’t have to visit Broadway to see a quality performance on stage. Queens Theatre has a distinct offering of theater, dance, music and film productions that give you and your family a look into the most culturally diverse county in the United States. One night at the Theatre leaves an impression and lasting memory.

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