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Planning a Memorable Company Holiday Party

Planning an epic company holiday party may seem nerve wracking, but once you write down a check list, you’ll be ticking off boxes and heading towards the streamers in no time. One thing you don’t have to worry about? How to get to the party. Here are a few tasks to keep in mind before everyone congratulates you on a successful soiree.


Important for: picking the space, guest list numbers, catering considerations, booking talent, decorations, and party favors.

How much money do you have to burn? Think of this as the foundation for all of your planning. You’ll first want to allocate money for the space and then dedicate a certain dollar amount for the remaining items listed above. If you have a large budget, you may want to book a private loft or event space, whereas if you have a smaller budget, you may want to book a local community center or bowling alley. Remember: your budget doesn’t have to be big in order for your party to be a huge hit!


Important for: theme, catering, booking talent, and decorations.

Do you have a theme for your extravaganza? A museum or an art gallery may be perfect to have everyone dress up as their favorite TV character. Or you could have an 80s themed party at a local arcade. The venue and decorations are typically the canvas for however you want to paint your party.

Black invitation envelopes with gold medallions

Your venue may also have catering options for your consideration, which can help alleviate some of the planning pain. Be sure to ask if they provide table settings and serving staff in addition to food, and inquire about those various price points.

Caterer and Bartender

Important for: invitations, goal of the event, booking talent, and guest list numbers.

Do you envision your guests roaming about the room or sitting down at their assigned table? Fancy fish or finger food? Buffet or table service? Red and white wine or open bar? These are some questions that will help you decide between dinner or hor d’oeuvres and whether or not to have a bartender. Feel free to ask the venue if they provide these services. If not, ask some friends if they could suggest a company where they’ve had a positive experience.

Decorations, Theme, Attire, and Booking Talent

Important for: invitations and goal of the event.

Once your venue is set, you’ll want to jazz it up to match your theme. If it’s a black tie affair, black and white may be perfect minimalistic tones to drape around the bar and for your centerpieces. You’ll also want to book a piano player or hire a band to play some classical or more refined music for people to chat over.


Important for: guest list numbers, catering considerations, and party favors.

For most office parties, it’s appropriate to send e-vites approximately 4 – 6 weeks in advance. Indicate on the invites whether there’s room to bring a plus one and what time the party begins and ends. Include directions to the venue, a link to the venue’s website, and instructions on how to RSVP. Pro tip: If you have enough time, try and survey the office via Doodle to see which day and time works best for your co-workers.

Black invitation envelopes with gold medallions

Goal of the Event

Important for: contest/raffle, party favors, and speeches.

Are you planning this shindig to celebrate the holidays or to have a bonding event for your co-workers? Do you want to recognize a particular employee? Does the CEO want to make a speech? Make sure whomever is speaking knows approximately when they’ll have the mic.

If you’re planning on hosting a contest or raffle, be sure someone is handing out tickets at the entrance. Lastly, if you’d like to include party favors, create theme-related goodies and place them on a table by the exits so guests know to take one for the road.

Have Fun!

Important for: yourself!

When the balloons are blown up, the snacks are in their ceramic bowls, and the DJ is all cued up to play, take some time to relax and let us take the driver’s seat for a change. You deserve a break after all of your hard work!

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