Dress & Attire

Luxor Limousine’s specialty vehicles are ready to ensure that your attire will stay intact from the moment you step out of the house to the moment you arrive at the ceremony. Between getting your makeup and hair perfected to making any last minute safety pin alterations on your dress, you have enough to worry about already. Luxor’s professionally trained drivers will pick you up and safely drive you to your wedding so you don’t miss a single beat. Not only will we be sure to coordinate your departure and arrival times, but we’ll also arrive in a tuxedo and stock the limo or vintage Rolls Royce with champagne upon request. However you’ve dreamed up this big day, we’re on board with all of your wishes.


Dress for Your Dream Wedding

Whether you’ve always had your dream wedding dress in mind or you need a bit of guidance, New York City has plenty of bridal stores and wedding dresses to find your perfect fit. Here are some of the most well-known bridal boutiques for your NYC wedding.


dresses and mens wear

Dresses & Menswear


Most notably remembered for being prominently featured on the hit television show Say Yes to the Dress, Kleinfeld has the largest and finest selection of wedding gowns in the world. Their nearly 200 stylists and professionals are able to zero in on your perfect dress by hearing about your ideal bridal dress and budget. For over 60 years, Kleinfeld has had an array of beautiful wedding dresses to choose from, is widely recognized around the globe, and is certainly one of the most notable New York bridal shops.




L’Fay is considered the ultimate bridal experience and strives to make the experience of finding the perfect wedding dress as wonderful as the moment when you say “I Do” to your bridal gown. This bridal boutique has knowledgeable stylists who understand your vision for your dress and are committed to discovering your ideal gown, whether that’s a simple wedding dress or a one-of-a-kind vintage wedding dress. Find a dress that’ll be remembered for years to come at L’Fay.

Brioni Tuxedo


Since 1945, Brioni has been the go-to tuxedo shop for movie stars, heads of state, and business leaders across the globe. The tailors at Brioni see clothing – and specifically the groom’s wedding attire – as an art form, and their intricate attention to detail is clear in every stitch of each suit. Their unique process requires 220 steps, more than 22 hours of workmanship, and 6,000 hidden stitches sewn by hand. A Brioni suit is known to mold to the wearer’s silhouette with the utmost precision. This lavish tuxedo store has also outfitted Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Casey Affleck, and many more celebrity figures.


Although you’ve probably already selected her engagement ring, there’s still the matter of choosing his / hers rings. Whether she wants a diamond encrusted band or you want a platinum wedding band, here’s how to shop for wedding bands to wear and love, forever and always.

Brioni Tuxedo

Wedding Bands

The first step to picking a ring is to select a budget in which you’re both comfortable. Once you have that done, start thinking about the style that you want and search within your price range. You can also look into customizable options, such as engraved wedding bands with an important sentiment or each of your initials. Many couples opt to buy their wedding bands together for a fun experience they can share, and also to try and garner some sort of deal with the jeweler for buying two rings at once.

While many couples leave this task to the last minute, it’s ideal to set out two to three months before the date to allow yourself time to search a few stores and for sizing and customizing as needed. Do your best to pick a ring that matches your lifestyle. For example, if you do a lot of woodworking, you may want to choose a slimmer ring with rounded edges, or if you play sports often, you may want to pick a more durable style, like platinum. Lastly, check the quality of your ring and ensure that it has two marks inside, such as 24K or PLAT, to prove the metal quality regardless of what the retailer says.

Now that you have some options for your attire and ring selection, let Luxor Limo lend a hand to help figure out the logistics of getting your guests from the ceremony to the reception. Luxor has a wide range of vehicles from party buses to limos to vintage Rolls Royce’s, which will easily transport your guests in a timely manner. We can also stock the vehicles with flower petals, champagne, or anything else you wish upon request, so you and your guests can rightfully celebrate in style. Book your transportation with Luxor to check one more task off of your wedding checklist.