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12 Items to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

A wedding isn’t all magic and romance. It’s also guest lists, to-do lists, address lists—the perfect d

ay takes an incredible amount of hard work. No matter how much planning gets done, unexpected things happen, from unseasonal weather to surprise speeches by uncles. But you can be prepared for the biggest things that might come up, and if you’re hiring a limo, you’ll also have a place to store invaluable emergency items.

#1 Umbrellas

Alanis Morissette sang that rain on your wedding day was ironic. It’s not. When it comes to wedding day weather, hope for the best and plan for the worst. Carry enough large, quality umbrellas to shelter the bridal party.

#2 Mirror

“Do I look okay?” might be enough for a night out, but not so much for a wedding. A small hand mirror will help you see for yourself that everything is in place.

#3 Makeup touch-up kit

Even professional make-up needs some touching up during a long and intense day. Makeup artists frequently offer touch-up kits as part of their wedding packages, but you can make a kit yourself with cotton balls, swabs, and small amounts of the make-up you’re using. Don’t just think of your face, either—have some spare hairspray and bobby pins, and things like floss and breath mints may come in handy also.

#4 Shoe Shining Cloth

Don’t be lulled into thinking that men have no wardrobe emergencies. You don’t want to be messing around with shoe polish in a limo (black powder, white dress!) but keep a cloth on hand to keep the groom’s and groomsmen’s shoes clean.

#5 Aspirin

Headache-prone members of your bridal party will thank you, especially on hot days. For that matter, remember to stay well-hydrated.

#6 Order of Events / Phone Numbers

By the time the day arrives, you’re probably reciting the order of events in your sleep. But it’s useful to have a couple of copies in the limo to refer to in the stress of the moment, or for other people to refer to.

Make sure you also have key phone numbers—the photographer, limo driver or company, ceremony and reception venues—on hand, as well as the numbers of people you might need to call to assign tasks to during the day. Someone, probably the best man, should keep this information physically on them when you’re not in the limo.

#7 Phone

You might want to go phone-free on your big day, but make sure someone in your party is carrying one. Also important for photos in the limo—unless you want to use a disposable camera or even a Polaroid for a retro touch.

#8 Flat shoes

Useful in two situations. One, if your photo shoot requires an adventurous trek and you don’t want to be crossing wooden planks or soft ground in heels (or bare feet). Two, if you intend to get out of said heels for the reception—and the dancing.

#9 Playlist

It’s your day. And it should be fun. Maybe a sense of quiet anticipation is the right mood for the drive to the ceremony. But after that, why shouldn’t it feel like a party? A good limo company should be able to accommodate your request for an MP3 playlist.

#10 Red Carpet / White Church Runner

Add style to your entrance with a sharply dressed chauffeur rolling out the red (or white) carpet for you. A limousine company with strong wedding experience should be able to offer this option as part of its package.

#11 Champagne

There’s an old Russian proverb that he (or she!) who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. On your wedding day you’re starting out on one of the great adventures of your life, so you’ve definitely earned the right to drink champagne in the limo.

#12 Just married sign

Arguably cheesy. Indisputably sweet. If you want a personal touch on your sign, Etsy has some options that may serve as inspiration.

We hope this helps you plan your own wedding—and if our specialists can help you find a limousine that suits you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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