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A Day With Kids In The NYC

The holiday season is over, and all the presents are already opened, played with and some even broken. But since January is an ideal time to travel to NYC, or spend a day touring around after a while - we suggest that you book yourself one of our spacious, cozy vehicles and make a great afternoon with your children and other family members!
Leave the tablets, mobile devices at home, and get ready to have an entire day of fun and great memories. Here are just some of the things that your boys and girls would love to experience in the days to come.


West Side's greatest gem when it comes to different kinds of sports, events, and venues. Mostly popular during the warmer days - it still has a lot of great things going on during the winter as well. The ice rink is probably an absolute favorite among the young ones, but also for all the family members to enjoy. A definite highlight of this season is their annual ''Winter Challenge'' held in mid-February and interesting enough for both girls and boys.


There is something very magical and quite local about going to a Broadway show. In fact, it is one of the things that you can almost exclusively enjoy in New York City.
And is there a more popular kids adventure story than Elsa and ''Frozen''. Enjoying one of the few kids-friendly shows is even more fun with a great sing-along to ''Let it Go'' and other popular soundtrack songs.
For this occasion, it would be a perfect match to book our stretch black limo - equipped with soft drinks, snacks and even a playlist you desire. Sounds like a good time, agreed?


As they say on their official website ''The temperature has dipped, but the zoo is not in hibernation.'' Following a successful ''Zoo Lights'' tradition where the entire outdoor area of Bronx Zoo is light up with animal-shaped lanterns (almost too real-looking in some cases), the Zoo still motivates people to visit during winter days.
That's why if you take your kids for a ride to the Zoo they can witness Madagascar species, indoor Jungle world, Sea Lion pools outside as well as bears and tiger mountains.
It really does sounds exciting!
An ideal occasion to book our Limo Van so you can have enough room for your family, and all of the souvenirs from the exhibit.

Wintertime is always much more thrilling when spent with your young ones and their friends. So no matter how many free days you have spared, you can always decide to take one good and long afternoon for a great ride across the city via the Luxor Limo company.
Our dedicated call-center representatives will invest their time and ideas for making your inner-city trip perfect!


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New Year's Eve in the style of NYC

The end of this year is the beginning of a whole new decade. Time sure flies and what better way to celebrate a whole new start - while doing fun things around the city in one of our Luxor Limo vehicles.
New York is filled with different parties, venues, and festivities that will leave an impression on anyone. Here are some of the fun things you can do - from rooftop bars, shows, and cruises...
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A Holiday's Guide to Fun Things in NYC

The holidays are here, and all around the States, you can feel the spirit of festivity and kindness. So, it's only natural to make up a list of great things that you can do during these winter days in New York City.
Special events, open-area venues, free holiday markets, and unique winter shows are just some of the things you should plan to do this December.
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Haunted Locations And The Ghosts Behind Them

From some of the most terrifying cemeteries in the States to the bars and taverns where even the ghost hunters get the chills, New York is swamped with places that hide half-finished stories about mysteries, murders, and accidents over the past couple of centuries. Find out about them here...
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Autumn In Central Park

How adventurous are you? On a scale from 1 to 10 is there a part of you that wants to discover hidden gems of New York City's biggest park?
Find out why autumn season is the best time to visit New York's best-kept secret...
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Most Wanted NYC Residences For Business Travelers

What defines a great establishment capable of creating a perfect atmosphere for anyone who is visiting the city for a business meeting or briefing of any sort?

Led by experience throughout the years, we summarized a list of most wanted hotels favorized amongst our clients.
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Advice And Tips For A Perfectly Planned Ceremonial Ride

There is a lot of good ways to make this experience as perfect as it can be, from choosing the right type of vehicle to indulging to its advantages.
What may seem like a stressful process, should be eased with these helpful suggestions and getting over the usual doubts all of the couples have.
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Unique Packages for Special Events and Occasions

We share the same jubilation enthusiasm as our clients, so we found a way to include ourselves even more so that we can create an all-around experience.
By creating these seasonal packages, we want to exceed the limits of a typical luxury car service and instead become recognizable for our variety of additional services.
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Best Michelin-Star Announced Restaurants in New York City This Year

Find out what restaurants have been announced as this year's favorites - by the Michelin Guide's choice. Read our impressions and book yourself a true adventure.
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Most popular rinks in New York City boroughs

The season of steaming hot beverages and outdoor winter activities is still around us. Choose some of the most popular ice rinks in your area, for a weekend fun - or learning a new skill or two.

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