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New Year's Eve in the style of NYC

The end of this year is the beginning of a whole new decade. Time sure flies and what better way to celebrate a whole new start - while doing fun things around the city in one of our Luxor Limo vehicles.

New York is filled with different parties, venues, and festivities that will leave an impression on anyone.

Here are some of the fun things you can do - from rooftop bars, shows, and cruises...


Surely one of the most desired things in times of celebration is watching a sky light up with a bunch of sparkles and lightings of fireworks. A magical night spent in a good company can be easily upgraded with a stop that provides a great view - such as Brooklyn Bridge. A dream-like skyline will make your New Year's Eve memories perfect. And if you have a 'thing' for these things, flaming colors and shiny silhouettes in the sky not far from there you can enjoy an extra show at Prospect Park (BK).

And as the clock strikes midnight, gaze upon the skies from one of the vantage points in the city, and be wow-ed with the fireworks show.

We suggest that you book our limousine and visit these places in a comfortable vehicle with your loved ones.


Amongst numerous skyscrapers, shaped in beautiful petit viral areas, these rooftop bars are quite unique and modern. Exposed in space and rich in design they create a unique atmosphere that only heats up during New Year's Eve. Most of these renowned bars are located in Manhattan and near the Times Square area. Great for taking pictures with friends, a clear view of the city's crowd - and most of all, a wide choice of different cocktails and beverages for you to enjoy.

For easier access to these locations, you can rent our SUV - spacious and reliable choice of vehicle, and arrive at a rooftop party in grand style and with ease.


Feeling lucky? It's not a surprise that a lot of people have a great adrenaline rush during the holiday season - so for the game enthusiasts, that like to raise their stakes New Year's Eve Resort World Blow Out is a great venue for it. This casino complex is located near the city's airport and makes a perfect choice for anybody from the city, as well as people that came to NYC to spend their New Year's Eve. Drink champagne, visit a live performance or play a hand or two.

After all, there is no need to worry about your transportation, we offer you certified chauffeurs that can escort you in a grand way in one of our spacious and entertaining party bus limousines. Gather your peers and do things in a stylish way.

**All photos are courtesy of Pexels platform users

New Year's Eve of 2020 is something really special. The beginning of a fresh chapter in our lives, and a perfect occasion to redo some great ideas, and at the same time experience some for the first time!

That's why choosing to share your night of joy with Luxor Limo will allow you to experience the city's glow in it's fullest!

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