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A Day With Kids In The NYC

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The holiday season is over, and all the presents are already opened, played with and some even broken. But since January is an ideal time to travel to NYC, or spend a day touring around after a while - we suggest that you book yourself one of our spacious, cozy vehicles and make a great afternoon with your children and other family members!

Leave the tablets, mobile devices at home, and get ready to have an entire day of fun and great memories. Here are just some of the things that your boys and girls would love to experience in the days to come.


West Side's greatest gem when it comes to different kinds of sports, events, and venues. Mostly popular during the warmer days - it still has a lot of great things going on during the winter as well. The ice rink is probably an absolute favorite among the young ones, but also for all the family members to enjoy. A definite highlight of this season is their annual ''Winter Challenge'' held in mid-February and interesting enough for both girls and boys.


There is something very magical and quite local about going to a Broadway show. In fact, it is one of the things that you can almost exclusively enjoy in New York City.

And is there a more popular kids adventure story than Elsa and ''Frozen''. Enjoying one of the few kids-friendly shows is even more fun with a great sing-along to ''Let it Go'' and other popular soundtrack songs.

For this occasion, it would be a perfect match to book our stretch black limo - equipped with soft drinks, snacks and even a playlist you desire. Sounds like a good time, agreed?


As they say on their official website ''The temperature has dipped, but the zoo is not in hibernation.'' Following a successful ''Zoo Lights'' tradition where the entire outdoor area of Bronx Zoo is light up with animal-shaped lanterns (almost too real-looking in some cases), the Zoo still motivates people to visit during winter days.

That's why if you take your kids for a ride to the Zoo they can witness Madagascar species, indoor Jungle world, Sea Lion pools outside as well as bears and tiger mountains.

It really does sounds exciting!

An ideal occasion to book our Limo Van so you can have enough room for your family, and all of the souvenirs from the exhibit.

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