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A Holiday's Guide to Fun Things in NYC

The holidays are here, and all around the States, you can feel the spirit of festivity and kindness. So, it's only natural to make up a list of great things that you can do during these winter days in New York City.

Special events, open-area venues, free holiday markets, and unique winter shows are just some of the things you should plan to do this December.

Of course, as the city's lights shine its way brighter to a variety of already iconic events and venues - let's mention other places and activities that are less famous but as good as the rest of them.

Rolf's German Restaurant

For almost 50 years, and for the same number of Christmas seasons, this Bavarian-style German restaurant displays imposing Christmas lights decorations. It is probably the most elaborate Christmas themed restaurant you can find. There are over 150,000 Christmas lights, that illuminate a traditional-looking dining area where you can experience a true and unique Winter Wonderland. Of course, Rolf's is far beyond being a hidden gem of the city - so hurry up if you want to reserve a dining spot in this amazing interior.

Gingerbread Lane

We have all heard about the great Guinness World Records in a variety of categories- so it's not the biggest surprise to know that NYC ''Gingerbread Lane'' is the world's largest gingerbread lane. A mastermind behind this truly eccentric vision is the chef Jon Lovitch who strives to maximize this lane every year. Even though its a real family treat - there are some ground rules that make this adventure even more creative. Everything used for ''building'' houses and items of the gingerbread village must be edible, and as real as possible. Everything is pre-sketched and so amazingly precise so everyone can enjoy this realistic piece of holiday heaven.

Grand Central Holiday Fair

After spending an entire afternoon strolling around the city, visiting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree or the magical 5th Avenue display, you are probably going to be in a mood for an outdoor activity that can separate you from all that winter weather. That is a perfect chance to book one of our spacious vehicles for a cozy ride to your next holiday location.

At the Grand Central, you can find over 40 artisans who sell beautiful Christmas gifts and craft items. There is also a major food hall, for a quick bite or just a cool down until your next interesting visit. And that should definitely be an (almost unknown) Met Life looby Christmas Tree just upstairs from the artisans market.

Place perfect for taking holiday shots with your friends and family, and really unique for the reap that is placed at the central front door.

New York is always so alive during the December days, and it can be confusing to plan everything out. That is why a luxury car service as we provide here at Luxor is definitely something to lean on during those major family events. Book a nice suitable vehicle, gather your loved ones and get ready for a true winter adventure.

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Dec 25, 2022

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Jul 29, 2021

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