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3 Ways Executive Car Service Provides Value

Executive travel is an expense like any other, and like any expense it has to be justified. Ultimately, an executive car service adds value to your organization by helping you do your job, whether you’re meeting existing clients, pitching new ones, or moving efficiently between offices.

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Good executive car service should not only make your business look professional and organized, it should help your team by making logistics easy, and expense management transparent. Here are some of the ways we provide value to our corporate clients, on and off the road.

1. A single point of contact

Executive travel can be required in all kinds of situations. Employees might need a car to visit a client (or potential client), or to travel to and from the airport. You might even find yourself providing transportation for your own visiting clients or sales prospects, or employees from offices in other cities.

But executive travel isn’t necessarily all business—you may need to entertain clients, or organize an event for your own employees. And entertainment requires being able to move small or large groups in style.

Luxor can meet this need for flexibility in several ways. First, our fleet includes vehicles ranging from sedans to stretch limousines to our 36-passenger bus. That enables us to provide a transport solution whether your needs are entertainment or strictly business.

Second, our reservation and support services make it easy to rely on us. We take reservations 24/7, and our entire fleet is accessible through our all-in-one online dashboard. You can save your favorite orders on our dashboard for easy re-ordering.

Third, while we’re based in NYC, we can arrange executive car service worldwide through our network of car services across the United States and the world.

Whatever the reason you need corporate travel, having a single point of contact simplifies travel planning for your team. It’s easier to track spend and avoids time-consuming due diligence. It also reduces the risk of embarrassment if a transport provider isn’t up to scratch. Which brings us to the second way executive car services provides value:

2. Reliability & Quality

Quality of service is important, and reliability is just as important. You can’t afford an instance of subpar service on the day you’re transporting an important client, or trying to get to the airport for a last-minute flight.

Luxor has made many investments in reliability and quality. Those investments include the selection of our chauffeurs, who are extensively screened and trained in defensive driving, etiquette, and safety. Our fleet—one of New York City’s youngest—is tracked by GPS. We offer an on-time guarantee because we take reliability seriously.

Reliability and quality matter because they create an impression. When your team is on time to a meeting, or a client gets good service from transport they’ve arranged, it reflects well on your organization. When the opposite happens, it doesn’t reflect well. We understand that.

3. Seamless Account Management

The ride is only part of the service. The account management services we offer also help your corporate travel and expense management teams.

We tailor our reporting and payment to each client and offer transparent billing. But you don’t need to wait until the end of the billing cycle to see where you stand. Our online dashboard also shows you top passengers and current spend.Executive Car Service—3 Kinds of Value

If you’re interested in learning more about our executive car service, visit our Corporate page and request a copy of our brochure. Or, if you’d like to take us for a spin, you can reserve a limo.

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