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4 Ways to Decorate Your Prom Limo

When you make a limo reservation for prom, one of the things you’re reserving for yourself is prime decorating space. You wouldn’t tolerate a prom with no decorations, so why would you put up with a plain ride?

Although the ways you can decorate a limo are endless, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to get you thinking. Before you start making plans that involve paint or crazy glue, be sure to check what your limo provider will and won’t allow—a good limo company should be happy to help, but will be careful to maintain their vehicles.

#1 The School Spirit

You might have spent years making excuses not to go to school, or complaining about having to go to school, or feeling like you hated every minute of school. But if you deck out your limo in streamers, balloons, and napkins in your school colors and show a little bit of nostalgic pride, no one’s going to know except you, your friends, and social media.

#2 The Masquerade Ball

You can decorate the limo, but you can also decorate the people in the limo. Masquerade balls have been around for hundreds of years and entertained royalty—sometimes to death. And who doesn’t want to see their date as an owl, a hummingbird, or a harlequin?

If you want to have a mini-masquerade in the back of your limo, think black gauzy decorations, black balloons, feathers (especially peacock feathers, if you’re not superstitious)—and, of course, the masks. Though if you have a really bad night, you may end up looking like this.

#3 The 60s

From psychedelic tie-dye balloons to neon-colored streamers to flower-power napkins, party supply stores offer an endless supply of decorations in eye-aching colors. For a slightly less in-your-face look, try a neon sherbet color scheme—these paper decorations will give you the idea—and decorate the space with old vinyl records—you probably won’t get this chandelier into the back of a limo, but it’s pretty great.

#4 The Summertime

Prom season is just before summer, but you can pretend. This is a theme where you can really let loose: flowers, cocktail umbrellas, bunting around the roof, seashells, flip flop balloons, inflatable dolphins (guaranteed to steal the show in the photos), those little umbrellas you get in your drinks and, just maybe, a pug in sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt.

Obviously, these are only some of the possibilities—and you haven’t booked a prom limo just yet, be in touch.

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