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5 Halloween Limo Decoration Tips

According to tradition, All Hallows’ Eve is a time when spirits from the next world return to ours. Today, we ward off the ghosts on Halloween by carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, eating copious amounts of candy, and dressing up like our worst nightmares.

Halloween costumes are a great chance to dress creatively. And if you’re taking a limo on Halloween, why not dress that up as well? Here’s some inspiration for Halloween limo decorations—just don’t scare yourself senseless putting these ideas into practice!

Halloween themed cocktails

Whenever you plan to decorate a limo, be sure to check in with the limo company first. A good limo company should be happy to indulge your wildest ideas, as long as they're safe to drive with and won't damage the vehicle.

1. Cobwebs and spiders

It's a classic Halloween feeling: horribly feathery cobwebs brushing your face in the dark. So cobwebs are a perfect fit for the darker corners of a Halloween limousine. For extra horror, take inspiration from this ghoulish golf cart and add a giant black spider—or spiders—to your Halloween décor.

2. Unusual flora

Everyone loves to look at flowers. On Halloween, the flowers look right back at you.

3. An extra passenger

If you’ve got a spare seat in your limo, consider making room for this young gentleman. He’s the quiet type and hardly ever makes trouble, and he’ll look great when you’re driving around with the windows down.

4. An even scarier extra passenger

If you really want to scare everyone who overtakes you, this truly horrifying-looking ghost is made with a human form (such as a mannequin), packing tape, and a blue LED light.

5. Rear window zombie

This zombie looks scary enough breaking out of the ground, but he’d also make a great addition to the rear window of a limo (plus, he’s a fun surprise for anyone behind you at the traffic lights).

Bonus: Limousine dachshund

This adorable little wiener is technically not a limo decoration. But if you can't decorate your limousine to look like Halloween, decorate your dachshund to look like a limo. Or better yet, dress your dachshund like a limo and take him in a limo.

Last but not least if you really want to spook yourself this Halloween, take a trip outside NYC and visit the famous Sleepy Hollow area of Tarrytown, where spirits, ghosts and people are said to celebrate together!

If you need a limo, it’s a busy time, so don’t wait too long to reserve yours.

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