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5 Lavish Things to Do in NYC

New York City specializes in unforgettable experiences. People from all over the world visit NYC to experience Times Square, Broadway shows, the Statue of Liberty, and many other exhilarating spectacles. Want to take advantage of the best that the city has to offer? Here’s a list of the grandest adventures to partake in whether it’s for the spontaneity or a special occasion.

Helicopter flying over Central Park

Hop in a Helicopter

Explore New York City from an aerial view and see exactly why NY is called the “big apple.” You’ll witness sprawling views and see the city in a whole new way. Make a trip around the Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, Ellis Island, the Freedom Tour, Brooklyn Bridge, and more. You’ll even be flown near Yankee and Metlife Stadiums to see where sports history was made.

Visit Liberty Helicopters to book a helicopter ride.

Sail boat with NYC skyline in background

Cruise Around NY Harbor

Take a relaxing, four hour cruise around NY Harbor with a small group of people on a spacious sailboat. You can roam around the boat to see various city views, or you can even take the helm, help trim the sails, or simply relax. Bring your own music to plug into the stereo system and blast out of the subwoofers. There are also blankets and pillows if you truly want to cozy up, and there are plenty of sandwiches and snacks as well as beverages to relish while onboard.

Visit Narwhal Yacht Charters to book a sailboat ride.

Hotel room at The Pierre Hotel

Wake Up to Central Park Views

Walk into the marble and gold lobby of The Pierre Hotel and you’ll realize that you’ve entered a historic and monumental place. Indeed, their extensive star-studded clientele list has included Audrey Hepburn, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more, and the iconic hotel has been featured in several motion pictures. The hotel staff is trained to be at your beck and call to provide you with any amenities that you need to enjoy New York comfortably during your stay. In addition to their plush rooms, there are also extravagant restaurants, lounges, and bars within the hotel too.

Visit The Pierre Hotel to reserve a room or suite.

Buy the Ultimate Broadway Ticket

There are several hot Broadway tickets, but it is irrefutable which one is the hottest: Hamilton. There are two ways that you can see Hamilton: either by buying tickets almost a year in advance, or by paying secondary outlets for the golden ticket. Buying tickets in advance would cost you $139-$199 and aren’t available until 2018; whereas, if you were to buy tickets for most dates in 2017, it would run you about $767-$1,711 per ticket. While the ticket prices are high, the performance, storyline, music, and experience of Hamilton is utterly unforgettable.

Visit Hamilton’s Ticketmaster page to buy tickets.

Interior of limo with neon lights

Arrive in Style

If you’ve purchased any of the experiences above or have a soiree to attend in the near future, it’s best to reserve a vehicle and truly arrive in style. Booking a limo is the most comfortable and convenient way to travel and explore all that New York City has to offer while maximizing your time here. Booking a limo is also the perfect way to do some retail therapy – allowing you to stash your shopping bags in the vehicle without having to carry them around – while simultaneously seeing the bright city lights that everybody talks about, but are rarely seen in the underground confines of the subway. Whether you want to explore NYC or impress the other guests at an event, hiring a private driver is the way to go.

Visit Luxor Limo to reserve a vehicle.

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