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5 Must-Have Items for the Lucky Bride: A Checklist

You know the wedding mantra: it’s your day! So when you’re considering which good luck charms to carry with you to begin your new life, be sure to tailor every token to fit your dream wedding. Bride tip: don’t forget them in the limo on the way there!

1. Something Borrowed

Borrowing a brooch or pin from your mother-in-law will not only feel special to you, it’s a great way to incorporate your new family into the big day. Jewelry is also an easy approach to bring a piece of your family or friends while walking down the aisle. Keep in mind that this isn’t only for the bride – get your future husband involved by having him wear a pair of his old man’s cufflinks or an antique watch.

2. Something Blue

Some brides choose to keep it traditional and wear a blue garter while others go chic modern and don Navy stiletto Louboutins. Don’t want to conceal your something blue? Opt to have your veil embroidered in blue stitching with your newly minted initials. Some brides have even chosen a light blue dress, or you can simply choose to wear a piece of sapphire jewelry.

Rear view of yellow vehicle displaying 'Just Married' in the window

3. Something Old

Fasten a strand of cultured pearls around your wrist or slip on some white lace gloves. You can also use a childhood pin to secure your veil or select a locket from your jewelry box. A bride may also hold a vintage white clutch for the evening, or perhaps hopping into an antique Rolls Royce is more your style.

Rear view of yellow vehicle displaying 'Just Married' in the window

4. Something New

This will often be the easiest part since your wedding band, dress, and husband are often regarded as the “something new.” Some grooms go out of their way to buy their new bride a pair of earrings for the big day. On Kate Middleton’s wedding day to Prince William, her parents bought her a brand new pair of diamond earrings. Other couples may choose to sip out of newly purchased, monogrammed champagne flutes to toast their new nuptial.

5. A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

A silver sixpence, tucked away in the bride’s left shoe, was said to symbolize great wealth for the newlyweds. Originally given away to the husband as part of their dowery, it’s now thought of as a token of good luck. You can also make a hole in the sixpence and string it onto a necklace or have it sewn into the lining of your wedding dress for an updated way to incorporate this tradition.

When you’re finished picked your items with great panache, be sure to choose a suitable ride to descend into the sunset with your handsome prince.

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