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5 Places to Buy a Custom Fitted Men’s Suit in NYC

In New York, the sidewalk is your runway. In order to look your best, you’ll need the best tailor who’ll understand your style and personalize your clothing accordingly. Luckily, New York City has some of the most bespoke tailoring services with astute attention to detail. Here are five of the most sought after custom suit shops in NYC to step up your fashion game or to maintain your particular flavor of swagger. Want to arrive in style but don’t have your custom suit yet? Arrange a ride to show up with pizazz so they know that you’re a man of class.

Custom suit

Saint Laurie (Midtown West, $$$$)

There is an otherworldly vibe in this family-run merchant tailor shop. Founded in 1913, the shop has been passed down from generation to generation – teaching each other to cut and sew quality suits. They insist that what separates them from the competition is their ability to attach cloth to an interlining with temporary stitches, which are removed when the garment’s parts are permanently sewn together upon being molded to the body. But, if you ask their customers, it’s the attentiveness and patience that truly makes the experience unique. An old school shop with modern day styles, Saint Laurie stands as one of the last world-class establishments who are proudly woven into the fabric of New York City.

Alan David Custom (Midtown East, $$)

Specializing in high quality suits and mastering the technique of custom measurements and individual patterns, their extensive measuring process includes digital imaging as well as 23 different measurements to ensure your custom-tailored suit fits perfectly the first time. Backed by four decades of familial experience, Alan David insists on building relationships, not sales, and they guarantee their garments for life. All of their products are hand sewn in their New York City workshop, and they have a strong commitment to quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

Man buttoning navy suit

Enzo Custom (Midtown East, $$)

Since Enzo Custom has created a manufacturing process for all of their garments, it cuts down production costs and allows for strict quality control. In lieu of a fancy storefront and advertising, the company has a commercial office space and relies on customer referrals to attract their clientele. As such, their distinctive business model allows them to offer custom, high quality garments at reasonable prices. With over 100 distinct custom clothiers, their collections keep up with the cutting edge designs circumnavigating through the fashion industry.

Michael Andrews Bespoke (NoHo, $$$)

Keeping with their motto that Michael Andrews Bespoke is “not your father’s custom tailor,” this suit maker cuts slim and sleek styles for a more modern look. Their style consultant presents various types of fabrics, buttons, lining, and subsequent options to create a custom look that fits your style. They have a commitment to their customers and quality assurance, and even have a policy that if their customers gain or lose weight, Michael Andrews Bespoke will alter the clothing accordingly, free of charge.

Boutonniere pinning to men's suit

Suitsupply (Multiple Manhattan Locations, $$)

Offering off-the-rack and made-to-measure suits, Suitsupply is reasonably priced for the materials’ quality. The shop offers modern fits and styles for fashion forward males, though it’s advisable to have a good idea of what you’re looking for since the plethora of options can be overwhelming. Still, the knowledgeable staff makes it easy to narrow down your options. Plus, if you find your dream off-the-rack suit, the in-house alteration service is able to tailor it to fit you flawlessly.

Ready to get fitted for your custom suit? Head over to one of these expert tailors and let them create a suit made just for you. After all, you are one-of-a-kind, and your formalwear should be too.

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