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5 Smart Reasons to Get a Party Bus in NYC

Why wait until you get to the party to start the celebration? Party buses are the most entertaining way to travel to and from anything fun. Here’s why you’ll want to book a fiesta ride to an evening you won’t forget.

1. Parking

Parking in New York is brutal. From circling the block over and over again to paying $80 for one hour, it’s a major headache. And when you do think you’ve finally found a spot, there’s actually a fire hydrant. Party buses are the best because you don’t have to worry about walking 26 blocks (from where you actually found a spot) to the venue. You’ll be dropped off at the door and you can leave your belongings and the parking situation to the driver.

New York Giants football players on the field

2. Designated Driver

All of your friends can enjoy the fun without having to flip a coin and seeing who the DD will be. Sip some champagne without worrying about who will bring you home. You’ll have your own driver to take you wherever you want to go. Need to make a quick liquor run in the middle of the party? Forgot to get balloons for the birthday girl? Your driver will safely take you to your destination and wait for you to return.

3. Personal Space

As convenient as the subway may be, let’s be real – it’s not fun having to breathe in the stench of that guy next to you who clearly didn’t shower today and is holding both hands high to keep his balance. Not only does a party bus have tons of room, but you’ll be riding with your most fun friends – all of whom (hopefully) have impeccable hygiene. There’s tons of space to move about the cabin and mingle. Feeling tired or sick? Go ahead and lay down if you want, it’s a judgement-free zone.

4. The New York Giants

What says, “I’m a Giants fan” more than showing up in a Cruz jersey with your face painted blue and red? Showing up to MetLife Stadium with 35 of your best friends who are wearing the same thing, of course. Enjoy an awesome time pre-gaming in the bus and getting amped to see Eli Manning lead the team to victory. You won’t have to worry about finding your friend in a sea of fans before the game, and you can easily meet back at the bus to celebrate the win afterwards.

New York Giants football players on the field

5. It’s Comfortable

After crossing the street twice and running after three cabs, you finally flag one down. Then you get inside and your cab driver is barely paying attention to the road and dangerously swerving in between lanes. Now, there’s traffic going over the bridge, so you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in a tiny cab with a driver who won’t stop talking on the phone. Sound familiar?

Say goodbye to springy, ripped vinyl seats and hello to buttery, cushioned leather. With a party bus, drivers swiftly navigate the roads and maintain a level of professionalism, which definitely doesn’t include chatting and driving. Plus, even if there’s traffic, you’re in a huge bus with 35 of your closest friends, so the entertainment is endless. There’s surround sound speakers and plenty of good conversations to keep you occupied until the bus reaches your door. In fact, you may even be a bit disappointed when you finally arrive home.

Ready to dance the night away? You bring your best moves and we’ll take you to your destination.

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