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6 Must Have NYC Apps

Only the strong survive in New York City. But, luckily, we are equipped with apps that help us get a leg up on how to be an optimal person in the best city in the world. We already know the best option for traveling in style, but these apps fill in the blanks for all of our other needs. From public restrooms to food delivery to coffee, here are some apps that are serving up the best deals, the best options, and the best solutions to our NYC woes.

Exterior of The New York Times Headquarters

The Scoop

Carefully curated by The New York Times, The Scoop is a native secret that has the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, art exhibits, and much more recommended solely by The Times staff. They have seven permanent lists and also add seasonal ones from time to time. They also have The New York Times Review about each entry appended to the bottom as well as a short description of the place. Plus, you can use the app and mark off each entry after you’ve already been there and even share with your friends what you’ve done or plan to do.


Whether you’re trying to find the closest ATM, looking for a place to grab a drink, or need to find a movie schedule nearby, AroundMe allows you to search for whatever you’re seeking. It has a simply, easy-to-use interface and was one of the first local search applications to pop up onto the scene. They also partner with,, and FourSquare to make reservations and check-ins a smooth process.

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Think you’re overpaying for coffee? You’re absolutely right. Cups offers a fifteen percent discount on every cup of coffee that you buy. You can use the app to discover local shops at the city’s best independent cafes - even cafes you've walked past every day and haven't even noticed. You can use your phone to select your drink, pay, and even opt to tip through the app.

Sit or Squat

New York has everything readily available – with the exception of public restrooms. Instead of being uncomfortable the entire ride home, use Sit or Squat’s interactive map of public restrooms based on your current location. They even rate the toilet areas “sit” or “squat” in terms of the level of cleanliness to expect (some even come with pictures). If you happen to be wandering around NYC and can’t spot a local pizza joint, this app is a bladder saver.


Whether you’re having a movie night in or want to stock up for a party, Minibar lets you order alcohol from local liquor stores that’ll deliver your order to your door in less than an hour sans delivery fee. It’s the perfect app for those who want a Stella but don’t feel like walking to the bodega. Simply type in your address, find your favorite drinks, and wait for your order to arrive. It’s the easiest way to lift your spirits – pun intended.


If you don’t know Seamless yet, that’s a dead giveaway that you just moved here. Seamless is the best food delivery app if you want to order dinner from a limo that’ll arrive when you get home, or if you’re craving both Thai and Mexican food but want to see which one will get to your place quicker. The app features tons of restaurants within your neighborhood and allows you to tip on the bill too. Plus, it’ll remember your “sub black beans, brown rice, vegan cheese, and hold the onions” order for next time.

Now that you have all of the proper apps, get out there and explore this vast city of yours! Make the most of your experience by utilizing these apps and finding the most fun activities and most delicious cups of coffee. Need a ride to an amazing day trip destination you found on The Scoop? Here’s how to arrive in style.

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