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7 Items to Have in Your Prom Limo

Prom is a night in your life you’ll remember forever—and also an introduction to the frustrating adult world of party planning and formal dress. There are so many things to think about beforehand—dates, transport, dresses, tuxes, corsages, hair, makeup—that it’s easy to forget what you’ll need once the limo has pulled out of the driveway.

Fortunately, if you are taking a limo, it’s a good place to store some of the supplies a promgoer needs. Many of these suggestions, unsurprisingly, are directed more towards the girls than the guys.

#1 Tickets

Someone is going to forget. Don’t let it be you.

#2 Umbrella

In everyone’s imagination, prom is always on a beautiful clear evening. It doesn’t always work that way. For the guys especially, carrying an umbrella gives you a chance to earn extra chivalry points if the weather is less than ideal.

#3 Cash / Credit Card

Not to be forgotten. You may need to tip the limo driver (but not with Luxor, where generally gratuity is included in the fare). And importantly, if something does go wrong during the night you may find yourself needing a cab ride home. You’ll feel better knowing that’s covered, and your parents will worry about you (slightly) less. If you’d rather not carry cash, maybe you’ve found a legit excuse to borrow the parental credit card.

#4 Breath Mints

You’ll be eating. You’ll be sitting in a crowded limo. You’ll be screaming song lyrics at the top of your lungs. And you may be kissing a date goodnight. So do yourself and everyone around you a favor.

#5 Emergency Kit

Girls will need at least a few emergency items for makeup and wardrobe crises. Consider coordinating with your friends, so that you don’t all need bring backpacks—as long as someone has clear nail polish, for instance, you’ll all be covered in case of stocking runs.

You will probably want your own lip gloss or lipstick, eyeliner, compact mirror, and bobby pins. After that, consider bringing makeup remover (in case something runs), safety pins, a stain remover, and bandaids to help your feet through a night on the dance floor. A sample size version of the perfume you’re wearing can be useful as well.

#6 Flat shoes

Prom is a night to be classy. Walking in bare feet with your shoes in your hands is not classy. Spare yourself the choice between pain and shame, and plan accordingly. (And don’t forget to break your shoes in before prom either.)

#7 Playlist

You may cringe at some of the stuff you’re dancing to at the prom itself. But in the limo you choose your own soundtrack. A decent limo company should be able to play your lovingly selected and furiously debated prom playlist.

If you’re in New York City and looking for a prom limo, make sure you check out what we have to offer.

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