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7 Qualifying Questions for Your Corporate Car Provider

When choosing a corporate car service provider, it’s essential to ask the important questions to ensure your company’s unique needs are met. Your corporate car and limo provider should be flexible and professional, and able to answer these seven questions.

Is there an on-time guarantee?

A corporate car service is only as good as its promptness. Whether you need your driver to take you home late from the office, pick up a client at the airport, or drive your department to an important meeting, your service should have an on-time guarantee.

How old is the fleet?

Even if the service is on time, your partners and clients see your corporate car service as an extension of your own business. If your provider has an outdated fleet, it may seem that your company is not detail oriented, or that the vehicles are not maintained for safety or comfort.

Are the drivers vetted?

Your corporate car service should be operated by professionals with impeccable safety records. All employees should have background and licensing checks to ensure the safety of your partners, employees, and clients.

Is the technology up to date?

It doesn’t reflect well on your business if your corporate car service gets lost while driving a client. Ensure your service provider utilizes up-to-date GPS navigation, GDS reservation management, and real-time SMS service updates.

Are there hidden fees?

Some corporate limo service providers may offer what seem to be the lowest rates in the business—until you take a close look at the fine print. Before signing any contracts, be sure there are no surprise hidden fees, and that your provider offers full transparency.

Do they offer transportation reporting?

When it comes to business transportation, pickups and drop offs are the first concern. The second should always be transportation reporting. Ensure your corporate limo service provides transportation reporting for your company, which makes expense reporting easier.

Is the service worldwide?

Low rates and cheap rides come at a high cost. Worldwide service is essential in getting your employees, clients, and partners from point a to point b efficiently—without the hassle of layovers, service changes, and luggage hand-offs.

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