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8 Essentials for Your Oscar Party

The Oscars know how to throw a party. From the stunning attire to the glitzy jewelry to the memorable (or not so memorable speeches), it’s quite the evening. Then, of course, there’s the beautiful stretch limos that deliver stars to the red carpet. Are you going to a friend’s Oscar party this Sunday? Arrive in style like a celebrity. Or, if you’re planning your own Oscar party, here are some tips for a superstar event.

1) Paint the Town Black and Gold

Stock up on some black and gold streamers and let them fly! Line your walkway, hallway, and/or staircase with black and gold. These are the official colors of the Oscars after all, and you want the place to sparkle like the diamonds that will surely be worn at the event. Another fun idea is to stock the entrance way with gold masks with black feathers for your guests to wear and pose with in pictures. Watch this video to get inspired and help you gather some ideas:

2) Create an Oscar Ballot

Now that all of the nominees have been announced, create a ballot for your friends to fill out at the beginning on the night so that they can follow along. It’s also fun to bet who’s going to win the awards, and have a special prize for the person who guesses the most categories correctly. Send them home with a bottle of champagne for their efforts.

Getting closer to the big day! #February28 #Oscars2016!

— The Oscars 2016 (@Oscars_Live) January 28, 2016

3) The Martian Martini and Spotlight Cookies

Create Oscar-themed treats and snacks. Try and draw inspiration from the movies to create your own recipes and names for your creative cooking endeavors. Search for tasty recipes online to get inspired to create your own buzz-worthy treats and cocktails.

4) Roll Out the Red Carpet

Create your own red carpet for your guests so they’ll experience the full Hollywood treatment wherever you are. Get some red carpet runner from your local crafts store and roll it out on the sidewalk towards your door or from the door into the hallway. This will set the ambiance perfectly so your guests know they’re just as important as the nominees.

Red carpet and gold staircase

5) Be the Paparazzi

Celebrities hate the paparazzi, but us normal folks love when someone wants to take our picture! Dig out your old Polaroid camera or snap some digital photos of your friends as they make their way down the red carpet. Print them out before the night’s end or email them the photos via email after the event. Ah, memories!

6) Speech! Speech! Speech!

Bored by the commercials in between awards? Challenge your guests to give their very own Oscar speeches. Create a sign-up list and have them write down their name if they want to participate. Throughout the night, invite each person up and limit their time to when the commercials end. At the end of the night, have all of your guests vote on who gave the best speech. Buy a fake Oscar statue to give away or send them home with a tasty treat for their prize!

7) Buttered or Plain?

Popcorn is an excellent and easy snack to whip up for your party guests. Serve each portion in vintage red and white striped buckets or a black bowl to keep with the color theme. Have some salt, butter, and other delicious flavor toppings available for your guests in case they want to add some zest to their snack.

Popcorn in striped containers

8) Take the Party Home

Celebrities get party favors, why shouldn’t your guests? Send your friends home with a photo (see #4), some black and gold wrapped Hershey kisses, and a card with recipes for the drinks and food items that you made in case they want to replicate them at home.

Once you get your party favor, head home like a celebrity and enjoy the ride without ruining your black tie attire.

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