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According to tradition, All Hallows’ Eve is a time when spirits from the next world return to ours.

As one of the busiest small airports on the globe, LaGuardia Airport plays both as a waypoint and final destination for travelers coming into New York City. It’s also a place where those from the Big Apple and New York Tristate Area come to catch flights for vacations, business trips and stays in locations around the world.

Yet, even with 27 million travelers coming through LaGuardia last year alone, the airport has received a lot of flak in recent years over its lack of services that support tourists and locals. Thankfully, however, the airport is undergoing a massive upgrade starting in 2016 that will be spread out over the next five years, and parking at LaGuardia Airport will very likely be a big part of it.

At present, there are 6 parking lots onsite at LaGuardia, and you can find the somewhat expensive rates for these lots here. As a savvy traveler, you’re probably asking yourself: what are the disadvantages of parking at the airport versus hiring transportation to LaGuardia? Luxor Limo has the answers.

LaGuardia Airport parking ramp

With only 6 lots available, finding a spot at Laguardia Airport can be difficult at times, especially during the holiday season. And with the lots undergoing construction over the next few years, there will likely be even less parking available for people leaving out of the smaller airport.

Another impact travelers may see during the next several years are delays and issues with shuttle services to and from the airport parking lots, which can make for a frustrating traveling experience. Still, there is an option to avoid the hassle and headaches involved with parking at the airport.

LaGuardia Airport parking ramp

The Benefits of Scheduling an Airport Drop-Off

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of having Luxor drop you off at Laguardia Airport.

First and foremost, driving yourself to the airport can be extremely stressful, particularly during peak traffic times in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan and the surrounding areas. By securing transportation to the airport, you’re eliminating all the hassle of dealing with other drivers and the airport itself, while relishing in the coziness of leather seating and the peacefulness of your chauffeured ride.

Secondly, by reserving transportation to LaGuardia, you’re allowing yourself to get dropped off curbside at your terminal versus parking your car, walking to a shuttle pick-up and taking an uncomfortable ride to your destination.

Last of all, having Luxor take you to the airport is far more affordable than you might imagine. If you’ve already checked out the rates for long-term parking at LaGuardia, you know a 5-day excursion could run you in the ballpark of $150 – and that’s just the parking fees.

Luxor’s rates, on the other hand, pale in comparison, and come with all the amenities you expect out of a luxury transportation experience, such as our On-Time Guarantee, Free Wi-Fi, help with your bags, a relaxing ride to LaGuardia and a drop-off at your terminal entrance.

Want to see what we offer in terms of comfortable and luxurious transportation? Check out our fleet, which is one of the youngest in the New York City area. Reserve your airport transportation with Luxor today.

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