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Autumn In Central Park

By the words of the great Billie Holiday, experiencing NYC during fall is truly a unique thing. Leaves changing colors, special city places not changing the slightest - that is what makes October a perfect time to enjoy and slide into the colder part of the year while doing great activities. And in the same way that jazz describes all the best that defines New York, it is safe to say Central Park has the same connection to the autumn season. So, why not make a list of the best activities available for you to enjoy in the following days.

Fall Foliage

Speaking of iconic things that happen during the fall season in Central Park, the fall foliage is on top of everyone's list. Every autumn season over 15,000 beautiful trees 'explode' in different colors of leaves, and that is the time when the entire Central Park area is amazingly photogenic and fairytale-like. With a well-created base of information, people who want to discover specific sorts of trees and nuance of colors can easily gain access to it. Of course, there is a list of spots where you can experience foliage.

Some of them are - The Pool, North Woods, Conservatory Garden, The Ramble, North Meadow and the Reservoir...

Hidden Secrets of Central Park Walking Tour

How adventurous are you? On a scale from 1 to 10 is there a part of you that wants to discover hidden gems of New York City's biggest park?

This is a definite choice for you then, as the ''Hidden Secrets'' Tour provides all the adrenaline walking adventure that you may desire. That is the reason we had to include the activity of this kind to our list. Stories of the professional tour guides really amplify the scent of mystery and unknown parts of Central Park. Tours are organized through any non-extreme weather conditions, but the access of the mapped areas depends on the certain visiting time.

Places like: Hickory Forrest, Harlem Meer, Secret Garden or the historic trails of George Washington's victory march are all available for sight-seeing and exciting tours.

This can be a great choice for your young ones as well since the tour offers a lot of interesting historical tales and encounters.

Shakespeare Garden & Swedish Cottage

If there was a time where you indulged yourself into a great Shakespear playwrite than you imagined walking around powerful and poetic flowers like tulips, fritillaries, and others. Then it is definitely great news the fact that you can hop into the part of Central Park that holds a four-acre piece of garden that resembles the English countryside while giving the homage to great William Shakespear. A very peaceful area that evokes romantic feelings in anyone who is an enthusiast for colorful land and stories behind them.

Of course, choosing the right time, when the Garden is not overpopulated is of significant importance so take your time planning this activity.

Swedish Cottage is one of a kind marionette theatre - a place truly unique for its individuality and heritage. The cottage is imposing as it is, giving away the spirit of traditional Swedish culture of design and nordic influence. It is functional since the late '40s!

A great place to ease your mind, make photos for the everlasting memories during fall or any other season, since this place is truly beautiful all year around.

Pumpkin Floatilla

Held just before the Halloween day, this now already iconic event takes place at Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Everything around this family event is ''trick or treat'' based so there are a lot of different events like pumpkin carving, costume parade, craft lessons, storytelling and finally the main event - lightning of pre-selected jack o' lanterns that eventually flow down the Harlem Meer lake. The event is public-friendly and no tickets are needed for it. It is a chance to be creative, do something fun and participate in a great adventure that spins around everyone's favorite holiday.

Gather your family and friends and enjoy the spectacular views of New York City in the fall from the back of one of our comfortable and stylish Luxor Limo vehicles. We’ll take you anywhere you want to go in the tri-state area, and you’ll get high-class treatment at every stage of your journey.

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