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Avoid the Wet Blanket Effect for Your Day in NYC with a Hired Car and Driver

New York city gets well over 4 inches of rain almost every month of the year. In fact, NYC is clear only about 132 days out of 365. The chances of a nice day hover around one in three, so when planning a day out and about in the city, whether shopping or doing business, you would be more right if you imagined the day wet than if you planned on it being dry. And rain can weigh you down like, well, a wet blanket, if you let it.

Picture two different days for yourself. In one, you’re sweating in a wet slicker on a hot summer afternoon or shivering in damp overcoat trying to hail a cab in a winter downpour. Rain follows you inside wherever you go with soggy socks and dripping hair. Getting around becomes a chore, and the last thing you want to do is go back outside in it. You go out anyway and search desperately for an available taxi, spy one and dash for it only to get splashed by a passing car. Meanwhile someone else grabs the cab before you get there. Your umbrella turns inside-out in the wind. You are not happy.

Now change the picture a bit. Imagine that there is a car waiting just outside the door for you everywhere you go, a car with a driver who owns an umbrella and can whisk you from entryway to passenger seat in a few steps. You’re dry and comfortable as the chauffeur takes you to your next destination. You have time to relax and regain your energy, your enthusiasm, your enjoyment before the next foray.

Which day would you choose?

Shopping. Sightseeing. Business. All of it transforms with a car and driver at your disposal. Chances are, if you are spending the day in New York going from place to place, you’re planning a big day. You may have flown in for a vacation or are looking to close a deal. You can’t control the weather, but you can be in control of the quality of your day. With a hired car, you arrive fresh at every destination. You’re dry and relaxed. You exude the confidence that comes with the absence of minor irritations and distractions. Try hiring a car and driver for your next day on the town and you will never look back.

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