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Best Michelin-Star Announced Restaurants in New York City This Year

Excellence is always reflected in a balanced way of combining things in a manner that makes them unique and unforgettable. In many of the well-known examples, a lot of different visionaries had ideas like ours - to originate a high-end service which will provide a prestige experience, that will only show to grow over the years of its improvement to become something iconic and recognizable.

As impossible as it would be to visit New York and not go for a walk across the Central Park or climb to the top of the Empire State Building, it would be as equally impossible to imagine a Michelin Guide without some of the city's top 'dining meccas' in it.

World's most renowned gourmet platform and the famous critique establishment is impeccable in defying the levels of exceptional restaurants and their pioneering when it comes to various menu's and dishes.

So, we made a list of most improved and ambitious NYC cuisines that you should consider in 2019.


Gabriel Kreuther


Modern / French

41 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Placed in the elegant surroundings and comfort of the 41 & 42nd Street, across from Bryan Park this place is not easy to miss and it's own credibility really sparks the interest in every gourmet.

An amazing modern-styled homage to French cuisine recently deserved their second Michelin which makes every bit of the commendation justified.

Mr. Kreuther proudly blends his virtuous skills in combining Alsatian heritage with modern ingredients that can leave you speechless.

The service itself is a precise 'disbalance' of formal approach as well as insured leisure for any occasions. The restaurant consists of a cozy lounge area, which is only an interlude to the main dining room where Chef Gabriel really made an effort into implementing his personal domestic touch to it.

As far as the menu goes, there is a popular opinion that their dinner course is unavoidable where every part of it perfectly complements with an impressive choice of wine.

Ichimura at Uchū


Sushi / Kaiseki counter / Omakase bar

217 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

Not many restaurants can be compared to Uchū - almost a hidden gem of Lower East Side molded into a perfectly 'disguised' spot for traditional Japanese tasting menus.

And if you don't think that culinary and exclusiveness don't get along well - just imagine the minimalist atmosphere of this place that can host up to 20 customers per night. Successfully operated from crafty hands of Chef Eiji Ichimura it can be classified as the most Kaiseki-friendly spot in the entire NYC area. With two separate areas, they offer two different menus - both impacting enough to make it hard to decide for the right seat. To maintain the sense of tradition and domestic Japanese culture, the owners have a certain policy approach that took this place to a two-star Michelin level of a kind. Having a complete devotion from the host makes this experience unique and impossible to resist.

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon


Modern / French / Grill

85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Even though it may be hard to pronounce, this majestic legacy from a world-renowned late chef Robuchon is not that hard to fall for.

He is an all-time Michelin inspiration with 32-starred acts which makes him amongst the most successful and critically acclaimed French craftsman.

Once the rightful cuisine leader of the Eastside prodigies, now in a different corner of the city has transcribed his personal touch to a new level with the recognizable trademark of his dishes.

It is well-designed as an open concept space, a very lavish and modern atmosphere. Needless to say, they have a way of implementing the world's most exclusive ingredients for the purpose of the flavor richness. Throughout the variety of certified meals, the restaurant is becoming more and more popular for its “Le Menu Végétarien.” - a meat-free construct that has a subtle revolutionary note to it.

Having all these high-level category venues and concept surrounding us, and being in a city that is one of the Michelin's favorite tool of inspiration, makes it that much more demanding to seek a true tasting adventure.

And what better way to spend your night than - booking one of our elegant vehicles, while letting one of our representatives take care of any additional needs or demands that you have.

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