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Best New York Wedding Photo Destinations (that aren’t Central Park!)

Couples tying the knot this summer in New York are spoiled—they’re getting married in one of the most spectacular, and most photographed, cities in the world. With any number of landmarks to choose from, picking the ideal location for wedding photos can be paralyzing.

Wedding Photo Destinations in New York City, Limo Rentals in NYCCentral Park is a wedding photo destination for a reason, but it comes with hordes of people, curious tourists, photobombers, and amateurs trying to outdo your wedding photographer. The Brooklyn Bridge is an incredible place to photograph, at the risk of losing one of the wedding party to a speeding cyclist. If you’re looking for an alternative, here are some suggestions, from least to most adventurous.

Before you make plans, remember to inquire about permits, especially if you’re taking wedding photos in public parks—some places, like Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden, require one, and they can run to the hundreds of dollars.

Carl Schurz Park

A hidden sanctuary on the river on the Upper East Side, Carl Schurz Park is home to the mayor’s residence, Gracie Mansion. It’s quieter than Central Park and features a picturesque plaza, sculpted green spaces, and gorgeous waterfront views. Couples have found the surroundings beautiful enough to elope there.

West Village

For an urban setting that’s still extremely beautiful, the West Village offers relatively quiet streets for photography in one of New York’s oldest and prettiest neighborhoods. Streets like Bank Street and Perry Street are small and tree-lined, with lovely houses to serve as backdrops. This photo shoot by Rob and Kathleen Photography shows how it can be done, as do these photos by Jennifer Davis Photography.


Brooklyn has plenty of colorful urban backdrops that make for quirkier and more unusual photographs. But Williamsburg is crowded and Bushwick’s a long way away, making Dumbo a great choice. Easily accessible over the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges from Manhattan, Dumbo has side streets with brilliant murals, interesting warehouse architecture, and a more laid-back pace than some of Brooklyn’s busier destinations. And if you get tired of industrial-chic in your wedding photos, there’s also the magnificent backdrop of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the East River. These wonderful wedding photos by Nylagray Photography show the possibilities.

Coney Island

We’re not suggesting putting the happy couple on the Coney Island Cyclone. (Although…) You’ll most likely have to add some time into your schedule to get down there, but the boardwalk has a lot of charm, the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel make incredible backdrops, and it’s a chance to have beach photos—a relative rarity in New York. It’s a common engagement photo destination—these photos from Gustavo Ureña Wedding will show you why—but for weddings it’s a really distinctive choice.

Times Square

For many New Yorkers, this may seem insane—Times Square is the last place that you would want to be at any time, let alone on your wedding day. But bear with us: the image of a bride and groom together among one of the biggest, densest crowds in the city, can make for some incredibly striking photography. This photo from Michelle Hayes Photography shows how newlyweds can stand out in a crowd, as does this classic engagement photo from Anna Rozenblat.

If you need a way to get to your photo destination, we would of course love to help. Learn more about reserving a wedding limo on our Weddings page.

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