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Best Places to Eat at LaGuardia

As we’ve noted before on this blog, LaGuardia Airport is a much-maligned place. The most frustrating airport in the United States and Canada. Ranked last for amenities among 20 top U.S. airports. A survey by J.D. Power & Associates found it to be the worst-rated airport of any size. It’s supposed to get better when the Central Terminal is redeveloped, but the city has delayed naming a developer for the project.

Find places to eat in LGA Airport in NYC

Some of that frustration is directed at the eating options at LaGuardia. Delta has made life better for passengers at its LaGuardia hub, with new restaurants and iPads, iPads everywhere in its renovated terminal. So it’s not surprising that Delta’s Terminals C and D dominate the LaGuardia restaurant scene. The next time you’re waiting for your flight—or perhaps enduring the average LaGuardia delay of one hour, three minutes—consider these options.

Don’t forget Terminals C and D are connected by walkway, so passengers in one terminal have access to the food options in the other.

Victory Grill (Terminal C)

A modern American eating spot in Delta’s Terminal C hub, Victory Grill’s menu ranges from old American favorites like burgers and mashed potatoes through to yellowfin tuna, pork chops, and prime strip steak, and also has an extensive wine and beer list. Besides the food, stressed and cranky airport passengers seem surprisingly happy with the service.

Bisoux Market (Terminal D)

The unusual latticework on the roof and walls is part of the appeal of Bisoux, which is a bistro serving Provençal-inflected food in Terminal D. The chefs behind it are Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, who are also responsible for Balthazar and Minetta Tavern, among others. It offers French treats such as duck confit, French onion soup, and fries cooked in duck fat.

Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda (Terminal C/D)

One instinct with airport food is to keep it simple. Custom Burgers adheres to that philosophy. Its mastermind, Pat LaFrieda, is a New York butcher, supplier of meats to Shake Shack and Minetta Tavern, and author of a book simply called Meat. The burgers, fries and shakes tend to impress those jaded by airport fare, but the service often comes in for some criticism, with long waits and confusion about ordering and payment.

Minnow (Terminal D)

If the sight of Flushing Bay out the window gets you in the mood for seafood, Minnow exists to scratch that itch. The decor is minimalist-modern, with ample bar seating, a gold wall said to be inspired by the scales of a minnow, screens behind the bar, and the ever-present iPads for ordering. Food-wise, there’s sushi and sashimi as well as a raw bar for seafood.

Todd English’s Figs Restaurant/Café (Terminal B)

While these options are all very well, Terminal B is the Central Terminal, and if you’re not flying Delta, U.S. Airways, or WestJet, these choices are of no use to you. In that case, Todd English’s Figs Restaurant is your best bet.

A branch of the sprawling empire of Bostonian restaurateur and celebrity chef Todd English, Figs is a casual dining experience. It focuses on pizza and salads, with tasty flatbread pizza and a surprisingly decent wine list. The restaurant is before security, but there’s also a café once you’ve passed over to the other side.

If you need a ride to LaGuardia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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