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Best Places to Escape During the Winter

Wintertime is the perfect time to dust off those suitcases and head to warmer landscapes since it’s too cold to leave the house. Whether you want to take a quick trip or need to travel a little farther and grab your passport, there are plenty of sandy beaches to choose from to relax and soak up some sun. Here are five popular destinations that people are currently flocking to in order to avoid the icy chill.


Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a tranquil getaway surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches and turquoise water. It’s the perfect place to hear yourself think or simply relax and read a book. There’s tons of interesting activities in the area too if you’re interested in seeing the ruins or exploring the local flea markets. The native flavor has a laid-back bohemian feel and is also a very eco-friendly town.

Aerial view of Waikiki, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

The third largest island on Hawaii also hosts the most diverse population and a fusion of ancient Native American traditions and modern amenities. There are beautiful beaches, such as Kailua Beach in Honolulu, and also historical sites to visit, such as the various Pearl Harbor memorials. Since there is so much gorgeous scenery, Oahu is an excellent place to enjoy nature whether that means dipping your toes in the warm saltwater or walking along a stunning hiking trail.

Vienna, Austria street view

Vienna, Austria

Sometimes referred to as an open-air museum, Vienna hosts many interesting scenes from electronic music to a multitude of art exhibits. Take a stroll along the enchanting winding cobbled streets and head off to wine and dine at extraordinary restaurants, or grab a book and hideaway in one of the many coffee houses. The beauty of Vienna is how perfectly the city balances its history with modern-day – allowing cutting edge design to co-exist with present day motifs.

Aerial view of Barbados beach

Barbados, West Indies

Famous for its beaches and for being the home of pop-singer Rihanna, Barbados is a coral island with powdery beaches and gorgeous blue-green bays with an upbeat and exciting nightlife scene. This is the perfect place to surf and snorkel or simply soak up the sunshine. The Bajans, or local Barbadian people, are kind and friendly souls who are sincerely keen to make visitors feel welcome on their island. Several anomalies, like their geological structures and breathtaking rolling hills, make this place an especially refreshing getaway.

Coast of Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain

This secluded island in Spain is a wonderful spot to see up to 26 species of wildlife, such as pilot whales, dolphins, blue whales, and more. Dine on the delicious locally caught shrimp and sit on a terrace with sweeping sea views. You can also opt to hike the third highest volcano in the world or peruse the shops at the artistic La Orotava district, which dates back to the 16th century.

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