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Create a Personalized Limo Tour for VIP Sightseeing in NY

If you are traveling to New York, a fantastic way to see the city is to hire a car and driver for a day or half-day of personalized sightseeing. Instead of a homogenized group tour of the sights, you can set your own itinerary and timetable. And if you decide you want to spend more time in a place, or if you get a quick been-there-done-that feeling and are ready to leave, your driver will be ready when you are.

One popular option is to take in the whole city and get a feel for all the different neighborhoods with their distinctive atmosphere. New York is so big and has so many marvelous neighborhoods to explore. If you do that early on in your vacation, you’ll have a much clearer idea of where to go to maximize the fun of your visit.

In your own hired car or limo, you will can cover the whole island of Manhattan and get a feel for midtown, uptown, and downtown like a New Yorker. Marvel at the throngs along Times Square and Broadway, or catch the vibrant hum cultural of the Village and Soho. Go up to Columbus Circle, drive through Central Park. Get a street-side view of the gritty Garment District. In the south, there’s Little Italy and Chinatown. And you won’t want to miss the Financial District and Wall Street.

Or make it a day to see the sights in VIP style. So many iconic places are packed together in 33 square miles. The Empire State Building. Rockefeller Center. Times Square. Central Park. Fifth Avenue. Grand Central Station. The Statue of Liberty. Ground Zero. The Brooklyn Bridge. All these are places you’ve seen hundreds of times in movies and on television, but a flat screen can’t compare to the real deal. A hired car or limo means you see it all without stress or hassle.

You can hire a car that is the perfect size and style for your party. You pay for the whole car and driver, not by the passenger as you would on a tour. Whether you’re coming as a two-some or a ten-some, you can share every moment in personalized comfort with refreshments on hand if you want them and climate controlled for the preference of your party. In the little things as well as the big, you come first, and that is what being a VIP is all about.

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