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Creative Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving is a time to come together and celebrate all that you’re thankful for with your friends and loved ones. But, sometimes, holiday dinners can feel a bit repetitive. If you’re looking to spice up your Thanksgiving, try incorporating some of these ideas and start a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Share why you’re thankful

Go around in a circle and have each person discuss what they’re thankful for and why. This is a great way to begin the meal and spread some positive energy around the room. You can also opt to set goals for the future and talk about ways you’re going to make the upcoming year even better than the current one. You may say something as simple as, “I’m going to try a new activity this year” or as complex as “I’m going to finally give up smoking.”

Play a board game

After dinner or while the food is cooking, pick out a board game and have everyone huddle around and play together. This is an excellent way to pass time and also a fun way to break the ice if you haven’t seen each other in a while. Plus, if all goes well, you can start a tradition by playing the game each year and doing your best to remember who keeps winning and who keeps losing.

photo album

Walk down memory lane

How did your parents meet? When did your family move to their current residence? Special occasions like Thanksgiving are an excellent opportunity to learn more about your family members and your family history. You can even pester your grandparents into telling you about what the community was like before you were born and the various ways they’ve seen it grow over time.

Get everyone in the kitchen

Getting everyone in the kitchen allows people to take ownership of the meal and is a wonderful bonding experience. Even if you have a family member or friend who’s not the best cook, allowing them to peel the potatoes or place some tin foil onto the oven tray enables them to feel like they’re a part of the process. Then, when you all sit down at the table, you’ll feel like you each earned it by contributing to create such a beautiful meal.

Giving tree

Create a gratitude tree

Take pieces of paper or thin wooden boards and cut out enough leaf shaped patterns for each person attending Thanksgiving. Attach each leaf to a hook and set them on the table. Give each person a leaf and a pen to write down words that encapsulate their gratitude. Once they’re finished writing, have them append their words to a tree nearby that you’ll be able to cherish and revisit throughout the evening and perhaps even through the holidays.

Invite a friend

Oftentimes there are people who are unable to make it home for the holidays due to financial or traveling restrictions. If you have a friend who has found themselves in limbo, consider inviting them to your house for Thanksgiving. Having a guest at Thanksgiving is not only a good deed, but it also switches up the crowd and may add to the fun, holiday cheer. Guests are often grateful to be a part of your tradition and are willing to help in any way that they can from bringing over a pie to helping out with the dishes.

Start a sing-along

Nothing says “family fun” like a good old-fashioned sing-along. Have your brother break out his guitar or let mom sit down at the piano and play some old standards that you all can sing along to together. If nobody plays an instrument in your family, simply turn on your mp3, CD, or record player and pick your family’s favorite tunes. Who knows – maybe you’ll find the perfect song to replay annually and create a new tradition!

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