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Epic April Fool's Prank Ideas

Who doesn’t love a great April Fool’s prank? Boring people with no sense of humor. But for those people who are awesome and share your sense of humor, here are some pranks that your friends will surely always remember and you’ll never let them forget.

Office Pranks

1) Amusement Park Limo

Order a limo and send it to your co-worker’s house. Tell them they're going to a surprise party in their honor where the entire office is eagerly awaiting their arrival for maximizing the company's profits. Little do they know, you have hired the driver to escort them around and around their block for an hour and drop them back off. Make sure you're there when they're dropped back off so you can ask them if it was exactly like Disneyland or better!

2) Deliver the News

Collect a bunch of newspapers and cover your friend’s computer, desk, mouse, papers, keyboard, and chair, and then RUN. Let them read this morning’s paper all over their electronics and/or hide around the corner and snicker at their misfortune as it all unfolds.

Rubberbands over phone

3) I’m Rubber, You’re Glue

Get 40 million rubber bands. Okay, maybe not 40 million, but something close to that. Securely wrap each rubber band around an item on their desk. Wrap rubber bands around their phone, computer, and mouse pad. Rubber band their files, arm rests on their chair, and their mug. Got it? Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done and sit idly by to watch them have to peel them off.

4) Crazy Cat Lady Trick

Print out 20 pictures of adorable cats. Tape one on their computer screen. Cover their mouse pad with whisker pictures. Tape one on their keyboard. Set their desktop background to a bunch of cute little kittens. Then strategically place all of the other photos randomly around their desk. Get crazy and toss in an old beanie baby if you have any of those hanging around. Stand back and nod in approval. Note: Crazy cat lady trick also works well with gents too.

Multiple packaged gift boxes

5) Wrap Presents That Aren’t Actually Presents

Take a bunch of empty boxes and wrap them. Wrap their scissors, stapler, each individual pen, and their pen holder. Wrap their glasses and glasses case. Wrap their computer mouse. Wrap their keyboard. Stick a bow on a few of these items – because why not? Leave a note that says, “I heard it was your birthday. Hahahahaha jk. April Fool’s!”

6) Happy April Fool’s Day, Suckers

Print out a bunch of lollipop wrappers (unless you were one of those winners who saved all of your Blow Pop wrappers, in which case, take that shoe box of wrappers out and put it to use, cool kid.) Aim to tape at least 25 individual lollipop wrappers on the wall, preferably in assorted colors. Hand write a sign that says, “Happy April Fool’s Day, Suckers!” Get it? Get it! They definitely will. You can’t lose with such a solid pun.

Office chairs grouped together

7) Chair Graveyard

Do a chair once over. See which chairs are on wheels and which chairs don’t have wheels. Roll said chairs on wheels into a single room. Go back and lift chairs that don’t have wheels into another room. Make sure to leave one chair out for you to sit on like a throne and watch as everyone comes in and discovers that they don’t have chairs. Optional: personal crown and velvet cape while you sit and wait for everyone to come in and watch the kingdom crumble.

Out of the Office Pranks

Crest toothpaste and Oreo cookies

8) Double Stuffed Oreos?

Buy two packs of double stuffed oreos. Take them all out of the package. Place them all on a plate. Take a knife and scrape off all of the yummy white sugary goodness. Throw all of that mush in the trash. Take a tube of toothpaste and smear globs of toothpaste in between each cookie and seal the deal. Place each cookie carefully back into the package and close them as best as you can. Bring mint oreos to friend’s place and watch as people unexpectedly eat toothpaste. Note: this will not be as fun if your friends actually enjoy mint cookies. Also, make sure they don’t continue eating said cookies if they do actually like them. That won’t bode well.

9) Carmel Onions? Yum!

Buy 12 onions. Peel them completely. Shove a wooden stick into each onion. Smother each onion completely in caramel. Sprinkle them with cinnamon. Place onto an oven pan. Rub with hands together evilly and serve as soon as possible. Enjoy the looks of disgust on people’s faces when they bite into them. Hooray!

10) Tickets to the Big Game!

Tell your buddy that you got them tickets to the big game! "The big game!" They'll exclaim. "You shouldn't have! You're the best!" You'll respond, "AND I've ordered you a limo to take you there! Make sure you wear the jersey! Enjoy, best friend!" Have the limo show up to their place. They'll undoubtedly be equipped with Knick's or Ranger's or Net's gear, and the driver will take the Manhattan Downtown Youth Basketball game. Front row. Right in the action. It's sure to be a slam dunk prank.

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