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Five Bronx Sites Great for Family Gatherings

Get your family together for an event in the Bronx that will create memories and be shared for generations. Treat your out-of-town family to a ride in a limo, and visit these five places we've put together in the list below. Our limousine driver will deliver your group in style and comfort, so you can ensure you'll make the most of every stop--and never worry about the transportation.

Medieval Art Walk in our Lincoln MKT Stretch Limousine

Get a taste of Europe at The Cloisters in the Bronx – a collection of medieval art and architecture put on rich display by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This period of history showcases some of the most exquisite tapestry work and architectural installations available, including elaborate stained-glass windows and celebrated art pieces. Ongoing exhibitions continually bring in new collections of artists and techniques for a stylistic departure from everyday life.

Music, Dance and Theater in our Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine

Performance art goes beyond entertainment to evoke a sense of wonder in family members of all ages. The Lehman Center for the Performing Arts produces some of New York’s most visually stunning and sought after programs by offering a wide range of concerts and performances that will inspire your family.

Visit America’s Greatest in our Hummer Super Stretch Limousine

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans was the first hall of fame built in the United States and was developed around the best and brightest people in our country’s history. It features the works and artistic representations of authors, inventors, explorers, and reformers that have shaped the American landscape over the centuries. The venue has also been featured as a backdrop for recent films such as the Oscar winner “A Beautiful Mind”, which used its library’s spectacular architecture for building scenes.

See the Bronx Bombers in our Cadillac Escalade

Constructed in the early 1920’s, Yankee Stadium has been viewed as one of the principal sporting venues in the nation. Getting the family together to view one of baseball’s premier teams invokes a sense of enthusiasm certain to shape memories of both solidarity and lively appreciation.

Golf Trip in our Mercedes Benz Luxury Van

Pelham Bay and Split Rock Golf Courses offer 36 holes of light competition for a family who wants to share a friendly game. The course’s lush landscape and captivating views cultivate a relaxing speed of play perfect for beginners or more advanced players.

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