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Five Brooklyn Dating Hot Spots

We’re all looking for places to visit that will impress someone on a first date or bring some fun into our current relationship. Picture yourself and your date getting picked up and whisked away to one of these five cool spots in Brooklyn, sure to entertain.

Together as One in our SUV

A concert is always a good choice, especially when the music is performed by a choir of 240 voices that have sold 3 million albums and won numerous awards. The Brooklyn Tabernacle houses one of the greatest voice ensembles in the nation and even performed at the recent inauguration of President Obama in 2013.

Visit Nature in our Lincoln MKT Stretch

If you’re interested in indulging yourself in one of the greener areas of New York City, visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the answer. Walking through a variety of plant collections in the “garden within the Garden” lends you and your date a visually stunning atmosphere during a lazy afternoon stroll. And depending on the time of your visit, you’ll be able to observe the blossoming cherry trees or enjoy changes in the color palette when leaves transform throughout the fall months.

Step through Time in our Mercedes S-550

Astonish your date with ancient Egyptian antiquities or modern art pieces that have made impressions on both our thought and culture at the Brooklyn Museum. Some of the last century’s greatest artists are maintained here, featuring the likes of Norman Rockwell and Edgar Degas.

Amusement Park Departure in our Chrysler 300 Stretch

Have your driver take you to visit historic Coney Island for an evening or afternoon excursion that is sure to be a hit. You could easily fit several activities into your outing, including horseback riding, kayaking, ice skating or for the more daring, a trip on one of the many carnival rides that run late into the night.

Romantic Dinner and Drinks in our Sedan

Romance is often best cultivated over a glass of wine and well-prepared dining experience, which is on full display at The Ides. This rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel can begin with a glass of Merlot while awaiting your table downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant, however, you may be so caught up in the sweeping panorama of New York City that you forget to eat.

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