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Girls’ Night Out in NYC

Grab your gals, slink into your sexiest clothes, and pile into your stretch limo for a fun and fantastic night on the town. Laugh as only female friends can laugh. With your friends, you can own the night. Check out these hot spots with your BFFs or just cruise the night in your own moveable party. Here are a few places to check out for dinner, dancing and late-night refueling.

Beauty & Essex

Lower East Side

With free champagne in the Ladies Room downstairs, how can you go wrong? The pawn shop exterior opens into a real scene. Plus the food is getting rave reviews across the board. Whatever you do, save room for the to-die-for desserts.


Midtown East

Lips promotes itself as the ultimate drag dining experience, and if you can stand being around guys more fabulous-looking than you are, then by all means go and let it all hang. The servers are in drag and there’s a show to entertain you with lots of energy and fun. You go girl!


Katwalk is the perfect GNO choice every night of the week, but on Wednesdays, you can enjoy free appetizers for parties of 8 ladies or more on Sex & the City Night. Wash those down with the $6 Carrie Cosmos, Miranda Martinis, or $3 Mr. Big Shots.



Environmentally friendly total excess, Greenhouse is the place to party guilt-free. Pony up to the recycled glass bar for an organic grain vodka and dance to wind-powered rhythms on bamboo floors (no trees died). Never did so much sin feel so much like virtue.

Pommes Frites

East Village

If you want a pit stop for some late night eats, go to Pommes Frites for some amazing fries - fresh, fat, crispy and with sauces to douse them in. Go ahead and try the poutine, which is French for gravy. Once you go gravy, you never go back.

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