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Happy Drivers Mean Happy Customers

A limousine service is more than just vehicles. What makes our service so valued is the people we employ. Luxor Limousines offers its patrons a unique combination of professional and personal service.

As a company, we demand a lot from our drivers, and you can expect professionalism in every aspect of their work. We require they be professional in their dress, wearing black suits. We require that they be English speaking so that they can understand the wishes of their passengers and communicate effectively. We expect them to be prompt and courteous without being intrusive. We ask a lot of them but we also but we also take care of them. Why? Because happy drivers equal happy customers. A simple equation. The human element is the key to our success. We believe the manner of employees in relation to the public is a reflection of the manner of management toward its staff. We take care of our drivers so they genuinely want to take care of you.

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