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Holiday Driving: The Top Reasons to Hire a Car Service This Season

very year it seems that families and businesses are gearing up for the holiday season earlier and earlier. With the large majority of special occasions centered around dining and drinking establishments in the New York and Tri-State area, the Luxor Limo team wants to help you, your loved ones, and even your coworkers and clients, make smart and stylish decisions about how to get around this holiday season.

Holiday Drunk Driving Fatalities

Whether you restrict yourself to just one alcoholic beverage or several, the number of drunk driving incidents rise remarkably during the holiday season compared to the rest of the year. Between the years 2001-2005, an average of 36 fatalities occurred per day at the hands of alcohol-impaired drivers, according to the NHTSA. This number increases significantly over the four-day Thanksgiving holiday to an average of 51 per day. Christmas and New Years both see marked escalations in these numbers as well, with an average 45 alcohol-related deaths on Christmas Day, and 54 per day over the New Year’s holiday.

DUIs Around the Holidays

Apart from the statistics above, the cost associated with being pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated during the holidays can often be a bitter pill to swallow. In New York state, the cost for a first-time DUI is estimated at a minimum of $9,500, not including attorney fees, bail fees, temporary loss of driving privileges, and the cost of a mandatory drunk driving education program, which ranges between $1,500 and $2,500.

Whether you are going out for one night with loved ones, or need an on-call chauffeuring solution for your company during the entire holiday season, Luxor Limo will transport you to and from your destination safely and in the style and comfort of one of our large selection of late-model luxury vehicles. Corporate Services customers, especially, can earn special rates based on their transportation requirements also get first priority when selecting vehicles from our fleet. Here are 12 additional reasons why it makes sense to use Luxor Limo this holiday season:

1. Ever tried to start a car in 20-degree weather?

2. How many shopping bags can you fit in your trunk really.

3. Tis the season to treat yourself.

4. Snow. Puddles. Strangely- colored New York City slush.

5. Nothing ruins a holiday vacation before it starts quite like trudging through the snow with a suitcase.

6. We won’t play Christmas songs before Thanksgiving unless you absolutely insist.

7. The opera didn’t let out until after midnight and you have an 8 a.m. conference call.

8. The backseat of a limo is like a little ‘mini vacation’ from your holiday shopping. (Try it, we promise.)

9. Ever tried to hail a cab in 20-degree weather?

10. You should enjoy the journey as much as the destination – especially during the holidays.

11. There’s a 3-hour open bar at your company holiday party that you totally deserve to enjoy.

12. Sitting in a traffic jam watching the meter run will most definitely make you a Scrooge.

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