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Host An Epic St. Patrick’s Day Party

If you’re having your friends over for St. Patrick’s Day this year, be sure that you have all of the essentials to celebrate this green holiday in the best way. From proper Irish drinks to appetizers, here are some tips for an awesome and spirited party.

Green, Green, and More Green Decorations

The important part about getting decorations right for St. Patrick’s Day is to have everything be green from your solo cups to your tablecloths to your required dress code. While you may not be able to hand pick everyone’s outfits, be sure to have green headbands with shamrocks, lots of leprechauns, and even a few pots full of chocolate gold.

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Whether you decide to whip up some home cooked St. Patrick’s Day recipes like boxty (potato pancake) or Shepard’s Pie, or you decide to hire a caterer, make sure there’s enough Irish cuisine to go around since this is a day to feast. In addition to buffet-style options, it’s also a good idea to have some finger foods and snacks readily available, such as crisps and Irish soda bread with an assortment of delightful jams on the side.

Irish Band and Bagpiper

To capture the spirit of the Irish, hire a traditional Irish band and bagpiper to play in the background of your party with their kilts and all. This will be excellent entertainment for your guests to enjoy and will really bring the essence of the holiday to life.


Host Traditional Irish Dancers

Another great way to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish is to have traditional Irish dancers as entertainment that can work in tandem with the band. Since most St. Patty’s celebrations involve some sort of parade, this is the perfect way to bring the festivities into your home while still celebrating the nature of the Irish and the origins of the holiday.

Hire a Creative Mixologist

A huge aspect of St. Patrick’s Day is that the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted, which is why drinking has become so engrained in the holiday. Aside from having Guinness on-hand, hire a talented lass or lad to whip up some green colored St. Patrick’s Day recipes, such as the Fat Frog or Shamrock Juice.

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Rent a Photo Booth

Rent a photo booth for two hours and try to pick a company that not only allows you to print the images right then and there, but also allows you to send digital copies to yourself, so everyone on social media can be a part of your St. Patty’s Day party excitement. Set up a shamrock-style border for the photos and let your guests pop in and out as they please and create some memories that they’ll be able to have forever.

Head Out to an Irish Pub

It’s hard to end a St. Patrick’s Day party since the enjoyment never seems to end. Instead of kicking your guests out at 12am, plan ahead and rent a party bus to leave earlier and do a mini pub-crawl at the local Irish bars near you for some more delicious St. Patrick’s Day drinks. Pick three spots within driving distance of each other and spend an hour at each before finally calling it a night.

Ready to rent a party bus for March 17th? Whether you need your bus stocked with more St. Patrick’s Day drinks like Guinness, or even bottles of Voss water to hydrate, Luxor will attend to all of your personalized requests and have them ready and waiting for you upon entering the party bus. Be sure to book your ride in advance and have Luxor waiting to pick you and your friends up to have an epic St. Patrick’s Day.

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