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How Are Limos Made?

If you’ve viewed our infographic on the History of the Limousine, you probably know a great deal about the history of one of society’s favorite styles of automobiles. You may have even read our recent article on the Evolution of the Limousine for an inside look at how limos have become so popular since their inception.

Nevertheless, there is also an important story about how limos are made, and the process might seem a bit unexpected to anyone who isn’t already aware. So let’s take a look at how a limousine comes together into a deluxe vehicle that provides all of the perks and comfort you’ve come to love.

Interior of limo bus revealing a stocked bar and neon lighting

The Stretch Limousine

While there are a number of limousines in the world which appear similar to normal luxury vehicles, with all of the associated advantages you’d expect, our focus today is on the long-bodied stretch limo – or the limousine that can hold anywhere from 8 to 20 wedding guests, prom couples or clients and coworkers.

Oddly enough, stretch limousines are made from the same luxury vehicles they represent. They start out as a purchase from a high-end manufacturer, and are soon thereafter brought into a workshop where they receive enhancements from bumper-to-bumper as well as inside-and-out.

There are shops, however, that handcraft their own bodies from steel, aluminum, fiberglass and other materials to build a customized limo to their own specifications. The chassis gets fitted with re-enforced structural components to make it safe and also pass strict road safety measures, its then primed and painted seamlessly to integrate with the shade of the limo, or given an entirely new paint job, depending on the chosen finished product.

We should also mention that a lot more goes into turning a normal automobile into a stretch limo, such as extended tailpipes, fuel and brake lines, as well as a few other odds and ends. But the more interesting part, of course, is the development of the exterior and the interior, because that’s what our clients love most about their chauffeur experience.

Interior of limo bus revealing a stocked bar and neon lighting

The Limo’s Interior

Here comes the fun part – the limousine’s interior. After all of the hard work on the exterior has been completed, the interior is assembled from a variety of comfortable, high-end and elegant items that are handpicked for this particular limousine.

When it comes to seating, there are bench seats that run lengthwise, looking out of the side windows to the NYC streets, and there are those that sit at a right angle to the benches, creating a social atmosphere inside the limousine. As you already know, both of these are bathed in lavish, plush leather which perfectly suits its other deluxe surroundings.

These surroundings can include everything from state-of-the-art entertainment systems and climate controls to custom lighting and a personalized selection of food and beverages. All of which you are given access to as one of our clients.

Never been inside of a limousine before? Contact Luxor Limo today to hear about our specials and make a reservation.

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