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How to Choose a Prom Limo

With spring finally here, and prom season almost upon us, high schoolers’ thoughts are turning to tuxedos, dresses, and dances. One of the many things to organize is transport, and for many teenagers that will mean a limo.

choosing a prom limo - tux photo

Hiring a limo to prom is about the experience as much as the set of wheels. Safe driving, professional service, and a well-maintained and clean limo all help to make a night memorable for the right reasons, so it’s unwise to choose on price alone. Here are some of the key things to consider.

1. Reserve Early

Prom season is one of the busiest times of the year for limousine companies. If you delay in reserving, you risk missing out on your dream ride, or even (disaster!) missing out altogether.

2. Decide on your party size

To choose the right limousine, you’ll need to know how many people will be riding. With a big group, that can be easier said than done, but if there’s any doubt, reserve a slightly larger limo so you’ve got room for a couple of extra people.

3. Choosing a limo

Deciding on a limo is the fun part, but even if you like the look of a vehicle, there are questions you need to ask.

How old is the vehicle? Whatever its retro appeal, an older limo may be at risk of breaking down if it’s not well-maintained. Is the limo kept clean and does it look good on the inside? Don’t be afraid to ask to see a car you’re considering before you commit. Luxor, by the way, has one of the youngest fleets in New York City.

4. Length of time

When deciding on reservation time, you need to pin down your itinerary and decide what you want the limo for. If you only want to go straight to prom, you might only need the limo for an hour. But if you might want to stop for photos, go to dinner, and then have the limo waiting after the prom for the ride home, a package might suit you better. Whatever you decide, everyone who’s riding together has to agree on a basic plan.

5. Pricing

Limo companies may offer a prom package which come with a fixed number of hours of service, or you may be able to rent by the hour. They may allow unlimited stops; there may be a limit on the number of places they’ll take you. Before you reserve, you need to be clear on what you want, and be sure that it’s what you’ll actually get.

You also need to understand what the price includes. Is a tip for the driver included in the price? How are tolls paid for? Are there any other hidden charges for things like administration and fuel? A deal that looks cheap can turn out not to be, if pricing isn’t transparent.

6. Reviews

Online reviews can help you tell the good limo companies from the not-so-good. While any business can get the occasional bad review from a disappointed customer, having a lot of negative reviews is a warning sign, especially if the reviews all complain about similar things. Likewise, consistently good reviews are a strong indicator of excellent service.

7. Agreement

A reputable limo company should be able to give you a written contract that clearly sets out pricing, the service being offered, and important policies like cancellation.

8. Safety

A good limo company should be carry the proper insurance and in good standing with its regulatory body (in Luxor’s case, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission). It’s a good sign if the business is also a member of an industry body such as the National Limousine Association.

9. Decoration

If you want to decorate your prom limo, check in with the limo company about your plans before you break out the crazy glue—they will want to protect their vehicles and approve your decorations.They may also have packages that do some of the decorating for you.

10. Who’s paying?

Most limo companies will want a credit card to go with the reservation, and that means finding someone—probably a parent—with a credit card and a generous spirit. Of course, your friends will need to make arrangements to pay them back!

If you’re looking for a limo to prom that checks all these boxes, get in contact with us.

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