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How to Choose a Wedding Limo

Wedding planning involves an incredible number of moving pieces. If you’re lucky, you’ll have assistance from family or a wedding planner, but it’s a stressful time no matter how much help you have. Weddings require you to put a lot of trust in businesses you don’t regularly deal with, such as professional photographers, big venues—and limo companies.

Wedding limo service in New York City

We take some of the stress out of choosing a limo company, at least, by explaining how to spot a good (or bad) provider before you ever step into a car. A great limo company can get you to the ceremony on time, and in style, and take care of some of the details that make a wedding unforgettable.

1. Assess your transportation needs

The size of the bridal party will normally determine the size of the limo you need. Fortunately, that’s usually known well in advance. One thing to consider, however, is whether a limo company can help with any other transportation needs. You might want a smaller car to take the bride and groom to their hotel, or a bus to transport guests from wedding to reception.

2. Reserve as early as possible

Wedding season is not as tight as prom season, but if you’re planning to get married in at a peak time, it’s very important to reserve early. In colder states, the peak wedding months tend to be June and September, although all summer months are busy; around the December holidays is also a peak time. In warmer states, however, couples tend to avoid the sticky summer months.

3. Decide on a limousine

Choosing the limousine you want is the best part. But don’t fall in love with a vehicle too quickly: there are potential pitfalls.

Older vehicles have their classic charm, but need to be very well maintained to minimize the risk of a breakdown. Breakdowns do happen, and when they do, chaos ensues. ABC News reported on a wedding limo breakdown in Cleveland the summer before last, where the wedding party were forced into taxis, at a cost of $165 and two hours of keeping the guests waiting. Even the most powerful man in the world is not immune—Barack Obama’s presidential limo broke down in Israel after a driver put gas in the tank instead of diesel.

Also consider whether the limo’s interior is attractive and clean—and if you’re not sure, you shouldn’t think twice about inspecting it. Luxor Limo, by the way, has one of the youngest and newest fleets in New York City.

4. Decide on a length of time

Usually, your itinerary will be some combination of ceremony, photos, reception, and the trip home. In a normal day, you’ll need the limo at least to get the bridal party to the reception, although you’ll also need to know the the bridal party will make their way back.

5. Pricing

Although limos can generally be rented hourly, limo companies often have wedding packages that include a set period of service. Packages may or may not limit how many stops the limo can make, or the number of places the limo will go. Check before you book.

It’s also important to be aware of any extras: tolls, gratuities for the driver, and other hidden charges like fuel and ‘administration’ can make a good deal into an expensive one. Transparent pricing is just as important as a low headline number.

6. Check the online reviews

Not many people these days would hire a business without reading the reviews. Reviews can vary widely in quality, but consistent good or bad reviews can tell you a lot about a limo company, especially if people praise or criticize similar things.

7. Agreement

Quality limousine companies will have a clear agreement, in writing, that covers pricing, precisely what service is being provided, and key points like cancellation policies.

8. Safety

A way to weed out fly-by-night limo companies is to check they carry the appropriate insurance, and are in good standing with their regulator (in New York, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission). Reputable limo companies are also often members of industry groups like the National Limousine Association.

9. Decoration and Extras

Limo companies often have wedding decorations and other extras as part of their packages, but if you have your own ideas, speak to the company about what you want and whether they can accommodate you.

And don’t forget that while your wedding day belongs partly to the family and friends celebrating with you, the limo is your space. So think about the flowers and decorations you want on the inside, whether you want a red or white carpet, and whether you could do with a glass of champagne after the excitement of the ceremony.

If you are getting married and still need a limousine for the big day, get in touch with us.

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