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Is Your Corporate Car Provider Giving You the "Chauffeur" Experience?

As anyone who lives in the New York City area already knows, there are plenty of options when it comes to corporate transportation. Yet, few organizations truly exemplify the chauffeur experience – and that’s where Luxor Limo steps in to fill in the gap.

Along with our selection of immaculate, luxurious vehicles and superior professional service, Luxor Limo is continually searching for ways to set the bar even higher when it comes to our providing our five-star corporate chauffeur services. This gives us an opportunity to share with you three of the top reasons we are a cut above the rest for a permanent corporate chauffeur solution.

Attention to detail.

Business waits for no one, making it imperative to have all your business tools organized beforehand in order to provide your employees and clients with the things they need to get a job done right – and on-time. Having an existing corporate chauffeur account speaks volumes on the type of organization you are operating. It not only says you are able to provide the kind of experience expected by your clients, it also takes an enormous amount of anxiety away from securing last-minute reservations for a trip to the airport, an event or meeting.

The best first impression for clients.

What better way to set the tone for meeting with your clients than having them picked up by a driver who exudes professionalism in one of our wide assortment of luxury vehicles. Luxor Limo has carefully selected drivers who are both skilled in the art of chauffeuring and have impeccable safety records. From the top down, we are consummate professionals whose aim is to always meet the ever-changing needs of our corporate clients, making our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A history of industry leadership.

Since becoming incorporated in 2003, Luxor Limo has been distinguished as a leader in chauffeuring services in the New York City area and beyond. As a result of our unmatched quality drivers, as well as our varied selection of young commercial vehicles, a number of our corporate clients have moved over from other service providers to discover the excellence they require. While there may be other options for corporate transportation, not everyone has the time to fluctuate between corporate chauffer service providers to find the right fit. Why gamble with your time, or your money, when it comes to keeping your organization running smoothly? We lead for a reason – because we guarantee the type of service you expect. Every time.

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