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Limo Pickups: Hassle-Free Transport

Landing at one of the New York airports does not mean you have arrived. It simply means you and your luggage are on the ground somewhere in the vicinity. When it comes to figuring out how to get to your destination in the city, you are on your own. You could end up waiting in one more long line if you opt for a taxi, or pacing curbside until your shuttle arrives and hoping you are the first and not last drop off on the schedule. None of that is pleasant and all of it is stressful.

You may not realize that hiring your own limo and driver is both a reasonable and relaxing option. You have two options for pickup: curbside, where the driver waits in a car with a sign on the window or meet and greet, where the driver comes inside to meet you either at baggage claim or the customs exit holding a sign with your name.

At Luxor Limo, our current Meet-and-Greet Special offers you this extra service for no extra charge on suv, van and stretch limo pickups. Not only will one of our professional chauffeurs meet you inside the terminal, he will have an umbrella for you if it’s raining, escort you to your vehicle, and provide you a safer, smoother ride directly to your destination.

Book your limo at the same time you buy your ticket to avoid the hassles that can make the last hour of your trip the most difficult. At Luxor Limo, you can book online 24/7, or you can make a reservation via email or by calling and speaking to a customer service professional on the phone. Let us know what your needs are regarding passengers and luggage, and we will handle it for you. All our drivers are professional chauffeurs who speak English and know the best routes for a safe and efficient transit for the last leg of your trip to New York.

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